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New York City Musicians


This group is intended as a gathering place to bring together NYC musicians as well as musicians abroad to connect ~ exchange ideas ~ coordinate & promote shows....

Your thoughts and ideas on this project are welcomed.

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Florian HackFlorian Hack speaking pragmatically i am interested in the unsound festival happening during the week i'm visiting nyc. would be nice to have some company 03/28/2014
Victor KVictor K I am a musician! 10/02/2012
Jenni TzuchizzleJenni Tzuchizzle anyone wanna go to a show together? 04/04/2014
NY2NY2 I listen good to good music 11/20/2010
Thibaut Di glériaThibaut Di gléria I'm a musicians, most of my favorist artist are from NY and i'll be in NY for 8 weeks from the 20th of Nov 2013... 11/14/2013
Miriam MoussaMiriam Moussa Because I love music and I have to musicians friends here in Chad with much love with what they are doing but they have no means to continue. I would love to help them and hope to connect them with proffesional musicians. 01/30/2014
Thom GiardiniThom Giardini 01/24/2014


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