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Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, Yarra Ranges, and its surrounds.


This group is for couchsurfers who live in, live nearby, or have an interest in the Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, and Yarra Ranges.

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NICOLEW NICOLEW moderator Hi, this group is a great idea......I live in Menzies Creek, part of the Dandenong Ranges.....I have several links to this area under couch on my profile...... 02/17/2008
Ruth Woods Ruth Woods moderator 02/19/2008
BILLY CBILLY C moderator Bought up here and now live in the area 01/08/2012
SINGULT SINGULT Love this area and often travel here, explore for a day and then lose the energy to return home on the train >_ 06/27/2011
Tanya Rao Tanya Rao i live in the dandenongs and want to find out about fun stuff! 09/27/2013
Belle ToBelle To I'm going to Dandenong Ranges/Yarra Valley for a few days next week so I'm looking for some new people to join me and a place to live as well. 12/06/2013
Michael and Jenny Walters Michael and Jenny Walters We live close to the Dandenong Ranges at Rowville 12/04/2012
Wei Yang LimWei Yang Lim 11/07/2013


Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, Yarra Ranges, and its surrounds.0-

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heeey everyoneJoyce And Patrik-  03/03/2014
Couple probably going next weekJuan Ignacio Olano2  05/19/2013
Christmas get together...??...anyone interested....NICOLEW6  12/06/2012
CS meet in the SE 'burbs / Dandenongs / Yarra Ranges...BILLY C1  01/18/2012
Coooeeee; Anyone out there?BILLY C1  01/08/2012
Hi everybody, Is there anybody coming Turkey soon?Tayfun Murat Ipek-  08/02/2011
Day Trip to Belgrave/ Dandenong'sCaron Margarete5  03/29/2011
Melbourne Field TripJanne Torkkola-  09/16/2010
First Friday monthly Belgrave Foodies Night....7.30pmNICOLEW8  06/24/2010
A little about meAlicia Drew5  03/21/2010
Singing for my supper, Bringing in the breadAlicia Drew-  03/14/2010
First Friday every month Belgrave Foodies Night....7.30pmNICOLEW5  03/24/2009
Where is Nat?NATJANE3  01/30/2009
YOU ARE INVITED: Belgrave Survival Day, Jan 26, 2009NATJANE-  01/17/2009
Melbourne CS Summer Fest: 24 Jan - 1 Feb 2009!Mike Benjamin-  12/20/2008
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