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This is a place for Jeonju residents and visitors a like to share, relate and connect.

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Nuri KimNuri Kim I live in Jeonju +0+ 05/01/2011
su-jin Kimsu-jin Kim 09/21/2012
minhye Kimminhye Kim for fun 11/23/2013
Libo WangLibo Wang hi 03/31/2014
Rene SilvaRene Silva why not? 09/02/2012
Dong-Gu KimDong-Gu Kim Can you guess?! 11/18/2010
Woosu ChoiWoosu Choi i live in jeonju so i want meet local people and couchsurfer 04/04/2014
Jae Fatima EfaimjayJae Fatima Efaimjay Going there this April 03/01/2014



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Poll: Bibijeong Freedom, Why are you hesitating?LAONJEI-  04/14/2012

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Jeonju this Spring! :)Jae Fatima Efaimjay-  03/01/2014
looking to meet awesome CS in jeonjuJIN BEOM KIM-  12/23/2013
having a cup of tea at friday afternoonminhye Kim-  11/23/2013
looking for couchaling Hong2  11/14/2013
looking to meet new people from Jeonjukarim Chouki-  06/03/2013
1 dayAgata Ivasko-  05/23/2013
CS meeting on this thursdayminhye Kim18  05/14/2013
JeonjuTalia Melamed1  05/05/2013
1 day sightseeing in jeonju enough?Charlene Lee-  05/05/2013
What?! So long since the last meeting?Adam Newns4  04/08/2013
I'm going to walk Jeon-Ju river, Today (3/9)boyoon Choe1  03/09/2013
Anybody looking for a roommate or a flatmate?Kina Lee1  02/05/2013
Anyone can speak Italian?????Seulgi Kim-  02/05/2013
I'm in JEONJU!Patricia Pelayo7  10/19/2012
Thirsty Thursdays @ Beer Cave, Seosin Dong.Brandon Honea-  10/18/2012
Thinking of heading down to Jeonju for the Food Festival this weekendAndrew Kim-  10/16/2012
Looking for a stage piano/keyboard and piano lessonsBrandon Honea-  09/28/2012
Anybody takes an interest in CS Meeting in Jeonju?Dong-Gu Kim28  09/28/2012
Anyone available for lunch on Sunday? 23 SeptBriony Fickling-  09/21/2012
going to jeonju for the day. (8/11) anybody interested to meet?Brandon Baltis-  08/11/2012
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