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Berlin - alternative culture


There's a lot of things going on in Berlin that's not in the mainstream media or that is only known about by word of mouth. This is a group for those things.
Festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, plays, book releases, movies, anything of interest!
This is a group for people living or going to Berlin or others who are interested in knowing about what's going on.

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KAROLUSS KAROLUSS moderator because... 03/30/2012
Bernhardt SchererBernhardt Scherer 12/23/2013
Ezequiel Muns Ezequiel Muns Searching for things that are hard to find 03/21/2014
Tomás Vio Tomás Vio 04/18/2014
Corey SevignyCorey Sevigny visiting berlin 04/18/2014
SuSu  SuSu i like alternatives and i like berlin 03/25/2014


Berlin - alternative culture11
John Cale in Berlin 16/10/20121-
We Are Augustines1-


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Poll: Parklplatz SchönefeldELOTRO-  02/21/2014

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