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This is a group created because the CS Meeting in Geres / Xures is going to create roots, and it's too complicated to look for info in four or more groups! =)
Sorry, but my brains are still a bit overcooked - so when I'm able to write smtg more meaningful I will change this...
In the meantime, join in!
This group intends to be tri-lingual (I don't even know if this is a word =), but my Galego skills aren't good enough =/

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Ana Manteiga Ana Manteiga moderator 02/28/2008
PICADORINHA PICADORINHA moderator * Minho & Galiza * 02/25/2008
Pedro Macedo Pedro Macedo moderator 02/28/2008
Aurora VidalAurora Vidal I just love it! 06/07/2009
Carlo Brondi Carlo Brondi unha terra e moita diversidade 10/01/2008
Ruy Andrade Pereira Ruy Andrade Pereira coz Portugal and Galicia are sister lands... 02/27/2008
Fabiola BuschendorfFabiola Buschendorf Doing resarch trip to Portugal and Galicia about languages 03/13/2013
Alexandra SilvaAlexandra Silva to discover...to meet...to travel... 02/05/2011


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Flagged postsModerator 1  09/02/2008
Saturday: invasion mess in North PortugalPICADORINHA-  04/15/2009
baked beans in BragaPICADORINHA-  04/13/2009
Santigo-Oporto/Portugal - carshare tomorrow afternoon / manhanaJoaquim Correia-  03/28/2009
Sensation White 2009 Lisboa - 9 de MaioJoaquim Correia-  03/24/2009
One more Bath in Gerês?PICADORINHA-  02/27/2009
Carnaval (night) in BragaPICADORINHA-  02/19/2009
still in winter in GerêsPICADORINHA1  02/16/2009
neve * snowPICADORINHA-  01/09/2009
Guimarães/Portugal - Maria João e Mário Laginha - 10 de Janeiro – 22h00Joaquim Correia-  01/08/2009
Feliz 2009!PICADORINHA-  01/02/2009
Feliz Natal * Merry Christmas * Bo Nadal * Joyeux NoëlPICADORINHA-  12/23/2008
Magusto in CaldelasPICADORINHA-  11/11/2008
este f-d-sPICADORINHA1  11/04/2008
Want to enter a film Festival in Braga?PICADORINHA-  10/07/2008
1st CS MEETING in VIGORuy Andrade Pereira2  09/30/2008
1er Couch Surfing Meeting in VigoRuy Andrade Pereira-  09/22/2008
goodbye, summer! in GerêsPICADORINHA-  09/12/2008
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