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Going Places and Doing Stuff


This group is for anyone who love's Electronic Music.

If you want to post info about a rave or party that are going to, post it.

If you want to find out more about a JD you love or a style of music start a topic about it.

If you want to know places to buy vinyl post it.

You can even post link's to Mix's, Music Video's or dance steps as well.

I would also like for us to go to Electronic Music Dance Party's in other places then Manhattan and Williamsburg.

Queens, Bronx and Staten Island each have a Electronic Music Dance Scene and I would love for all of us to explore it all together.

Plus Brooklyn is WAY MORE then Williamsburg and it's about time people danced all over the city!!!!

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JULES_1JULES_1 moderator 02/28/2008
tabeshtabesh 02/17/2013
Laura BotelLaura Botel I love music 10/09/2010
Raymund Chavez Raymund Chavez Love my XM radio so I listen always 11/17/2013
Melissa PhanMelissa Phan 10/23/2013
Benedikt HöllBenedikt Höll 08/19/2013
Kunal ShahKunal Shah I am gonna be there in NYC till 12th Oct 09/26/2013
Anne BoleynAnne Boleyn Out of interest 03/28/2014


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