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"Rural areas (also referred to as "the country", countryside) are settled places outside towns and cities. Such areas are distinct from more intensively settled urban and suburban areas. Inhabitants live in villages, hamlets, on farms and in other isolated houses."

Hopefully people can use this group to network with like minded people and to find both rural hosts and people interested in surfing rural couches.

If anyone knows of any rural cs events please contact the moderators so we can add them to the group description!

You want to know what rural CS is about?

You're looking for rural hosts somewhere in the world?
Have a look at the map and contact them directly by clicking on the link to their profile.

At the moment rural CS is active in France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, Australia and Switzerland.

The project is just at the beginning, is you want to help us building a rural CS network in your country, join the Rural CS Team.

For Pictures check out our picture galleries

Email us at:
ruralhospitality [at] gmail [dot] com
ruralcouchsurfing [at] gmail [dot] com

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*Baptou**Baptou* moderator 03/28/2008
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ERICFRERICFR Love nature 04/12/2013
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Family trip by car from Prague to England, looking for new friends on the way :-)Sona Rovnanikova-  02/24/2014
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looking for a place in EuropeTatiana D1  02/19/2014
Looking for fulltime caretakers of our place.Stef and Carolina Mamani Jansen-  02/18/2014
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care chare to portugal organic farm, march 2014Guillaume Barbier3  01/31/2014
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sailing the farm dec 2013Zeyang Lin1  01/19/2014
qui veut sauver les tortues marines sur les cotes camerounaises vers kribi?Etienne Maemble-  01/09/2014
Summer Camp 4 Kids in Transylvania (Volunteer in Romania - Costs are covered!)Dali Alba Iulia8  12/26/2013
Looking for a Volunteer in rural project CambodiaBlanka PiC3  12/24/2013
looking for a place - and people--- to stay for christmas....! currently in france....but...Ms Lulu-  12/20/2013
Come join The Monkey Farm!Tomi Astikainen-  12/18/2013
Help me give WORLD PEACE for X-masAlek Patrick-  12/17/2013
New Year Break in country house near Krakow, PolandPawel and Karolina of Tenczynek1  12/16/2013
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