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Sonoma County Couch Surfers (SCCS)


Welcome to the Sonoma County Group!

This group has been created especially for Sonoma County based Couch surfers to encourage, inspire and provide a network for us!

When starting this group I wrote 'Hopefully though this group we can form our own community, make friends and make couch surfing active and alive here! We may not be in San Fran but we have a lot to offer!' We are a success ladies and gentleman!!!! Pat yourselves on the back or if you haven't been involved, jump on in there!

-Create a CS community in Sonoma County!
-Get together for local events!
-Create and hold events for us and other CSers!
-Coordinate to attend CS events nearby
(Eg: San Fran, Berkeley, Arcata, Marin)!
-'Invade' (and therefore be Invaded) our couch surfing neighbors!
-Have a community to host CSers and show them a good time/cultural experience!
-Help each other in true CS spirit in any way you feel comfortable!

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Created: Mar 1, 2008
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Jensyn Jensyn moderator i live here. 07/14/2008
Lara BuckLara Buck moderator I live in and love Sonoma County!! 08/25/2008
Cara BradleyCara Bradley moderator 03/01/2008
VINESVINES moderator Love life in Sonoma County and hope to find like minded folks 05/31/2009
Sarah ASarah A It's my home! 03/27/2009
Danielle TaylorDanielle Taylor Living in Santa Rosa, moved here in August :) 10/14/2013
Ariana BloomAriana Bloom Sonoma County Native 01/23/2010
THEHERMINATOR THEHERMINATOR I live in Santa Rosa 12/09/2011


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  Title By Replies Date
Poll: SCCS Meetup Pollbellalara23  01/05/2011
Poll: What evening is best for a monthly/fortnightly CS meet up?BonjourCara11  08/31/2008

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Aubergine Wednesday Night: Its Lindsay's last week!VINES2  08/29/2012
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Potluck/BBQ tonight, Friday August 10Bob Hirsch-  08/10/2012
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Seattle CouchCrash Carpool?M.J. De La Cruz1  08/09/2012
Presence suggested Tuesday 6pm SebastopolSerenity_aka_Kimberly9  08/08/2012
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