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Rural Hospitality Australia


This group is to bring together people in Rural areas interested in Hospitality exchange in Australia as well as people interested in experiencing rural Australia.

Please contact the moderator if you are interested in being added to the Map


For more information please check out www.ruralhospitality.org

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Created: Mar 2, 2008
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Dan FordDan Ford moderator I am from country Australia - Tenterfield 04/14/2011
Pradeep RameshPradeep Ramesh i will be travellin soon in the rural 03/08/2014
Richard DunningRichard Dunning I live in rural australia 11/03/2010
Yoshi FonkelYoshi Fonkel I`m a free range chicken 03/13/2014
Karine BesseKarine Besse This is where I like to go while in Australia 01/23/2014
Tamara MonacoTamara Monaco going to australia 04/10/2013
Laura  MartínLaura Martín Im from a little village in Spain, I've been living in Melbourne for one year and Im ready to discover and enjoy the rural side in Australia too 04/10/2014


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Rural CS Australia - Moderators31

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