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Sukura Shea
Sukura Shea
Joined: Jun 26, 2009
Last visit: May 21, 2013
I'm heading that way and enjoy an excellent glass of wine and stimulating conversation - as opposed to partying hard.

Australia, New South Wales, Nimbin
Sunny Wang
Joined: Mar 31, 2013
Last visit: Mar 31, 2013
Cuz I am 50+!

Taiwan, New Taipei, Xindian
Subroto Chakraborty
Subroto Chakraborty
Joined: Apr 5, 2009
Last visit: Jan 20
To arrange a joint road trip

India, Karnataka, Bangalore
Susan Daniels
Joined: May 8, 2012
Last visit: Apr 18
To share ideas and meet with other active, fun-loving 50+ people

Sweden, Skane, Malmo
Sue Palmer
Sue Palmer
Joined: Mar 24, 2009
Last visit: Mar 24, 2009
Why not?

United States, Georgia, Marietta
Sue Salthouse
Sue Salthouse
Joined: Feb 3, 2008
Last visit: Apr 18
Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra
Sue Gunn
Sue Gunn
Joined: Dec 21, 2011
Last visit: Apr 18
I am 50+ and wanted to know I wasn't alone!! ;)

England, Derbyshire, Clowne
Sue, Susana O'Riley
Sue, Susana O'Riley
Joined: May 19, 2008
Last visit: Nov 5, 2010
I travel many times a year and would like to have more contact with people over 25 on at least some of these trips. In 06 I spent 6 weeks on the road in

United States, Massachusetts, Williamstown
Susan Harrison
Joined: May 5, 2006
Last visit: Jul 16, 2008
Because I am over 50, love to travel and am always looking for ladies to travel with!

United States, Florida, Melbourne
Susan Kong
Joined: Sep 18, 2011
Last visit: Sep 19, 2013
Will be this age soon

China, Beijing Municipality, Beijing
Susan Weeks
Susan Weeks
Joined: Dec 29, 2013
Last visit: Apr 18
We love to travel and meet new people.

United States, Massachusetts, Groton
Susan Mabry
Susan Mabry
Joined: Jan 6, 2011
Last visit: Jan 8, 2011
I enjoy people near my age, with more grown up points of view.

Guatemala, Solola, Panajachel
Susana Ginto
Joined: Feb 25, 2010
Last visit: Jan 4
It is good to have news form people like you

Spain, Navarre (Community of), Pamplona/Iruna
Susan Margiotta
Joined: Oct 12, 2011
Last visit: Dec 22, 2011
Because I am a 53 yo traveler !

United States, Massachusetts, Gloucester
Susan Milner
Susan Milner
Joined: Oct 29, 2012
Last visit: Aug 6, 2013
I would like a pen pal around the world and traveling partners as well

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte
Susan Gentili
Susan Gentili
Joined: Dec 22, 2013
Last visit: Dec 22, 2013
I am 53

Italy, Toscana, Florence
Susana S.
Susana S.
Joined: Oct 11, 2009
Last visit: Feb 8
I'm 50, love to travel and Aussieland suggested it.

Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart
Susie Kay Olson
Joined: Dec 20, 2010
Last visit: Jun 17, 2012
this is an active group with travel ideas I'm interested in hearing. I'm looking for a travel companion for South America in Jan. and Feb. Contact me if interested.

United States, Colorado, Sedalia
Susana Floreani
Susana Floreani
Joined: Feb 27, 2008
Last visit: Mar 9, 2008
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Armacao dos Buzios
Susan and Wolf J Arthur
Joined: Oct 23, 2010
Last visit: Apr 13, 2012
We are 50+ and like seasoned folks...

United States, Washington, Bellingham
Suzanne Zuckerman
Suzanne Zuckerman
Joined: Sep 13, 2009
Last visit: Dec 13, 2012
I am over 50 and want to connect with CS in my age group

United States, New York, Brooklyn
Susie Wells
Joined: Dec 7, 2010
Last visit: Mar 1
to meet other like minded travelers,

United States, New York, Rochester
Susan Buck
Joined: Aug 19, 2012
Last visit: Apr 18
We're 50+ so this group sounds like we belong.

Canada, Saskatchewan, Regina
Susan Kaye
Joined: May 19, 2011
Last visit: Feb 26
I am 52 and starting to travel again!

United States, Maine, Bangor
Susan Rowe
Susan Rowe
Joined: Jun 8, 2009
Last visit: Feb 28, 2011
I'm really 60ish, but sure don't feel it! Looking to network for travel info and getting to know folks.

Panama, Bocas del Toro, Bocas del Toro
Suzanne Kazazi-Poutu
Suzanne Kazazi-Poutu
Joined: Sep 27, 2010
Last visit: Feb 9, 2013
connect with same

New Zealand, Southland, Invercargill
Susanne Floe
Joined: Apr 8, 2010
Last visit: Apr 18
I am 50+ 57 to be precise and want to communicate with other mature travellers.

Finland, Uusimaa, Raseborg
Suzie Harris
Suzie Harris
Joined: Nov 10, 2009
Last visit: Apr 18
joining to meet other cs,rs of a similar age

New Zealand, Marlborough, Blenheim
Sylvia Roth
Sylvia Roth
Joined: Nov 24, 2012
Last visit: Mar 26
Looking for 50+ travellers

Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate, Birkenfeld
Sylvie Fortin
Joined: Dec 15, 2012
Last visit: Apr 13
Because I am in my 50 and I love to share tips and traveling ideas...

Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Syed Abbas
Syed Abbas
Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Last visit: Oct 16, 2010
Well I am 50 plus. Both active and inquisitive. WOULD LOVE TO TRAVEL TO FAR OFF PLACES WITH LIKE MINDED PERSONS

India, Uttar Pradesh, Noida
Joined: Jun 19, 2011
Last visit: May 1, 2012
I want to find people close to me in age

Russia, Perm Region, Perm
Sylvia Hauser
Joined: Apr 29, 2008
Last visit: May 11, 2012
to meet and know diferent people from everywhere

France, Ile-de-France, Puteaux
Sylvia Ricketts
Joined: Feb 24
Last visit: Apr 18
Want to see what travellers in this group are saying and doing

Jamaica, Kingston, Kingston
T Bert Rose
Joined: Mar 2, 2010
Last visit: Sep 9, 2013
I travel constantly all over the world - this is a natural site for me to go to

Canada, Nunavut, Iqaluit
Joined: Oct 15, 2007
Last visit: Mar 28, 2013
to meet over 50 cs'ers for traveling

United States, Washington, Sequim
Joined: Oct 18, 2008
Last visit: Oct 20, 2008
England, London, London
Joined: Jun 17, 2009
Last visit: Mar 17, 2011
I AM 50ish....

United States, Florida, Boynton Beach
Joined: Jan 4, 2010
Last visit: Oct 24, 2012
to meet like minded travellers and gain inspiration from them

England, Hertfordshire, Bishop's Stortford
Joined: May 5, 2012
Last visit: Jul 4, 2012
Because I am 50 +

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Joined: Jan 22, 2011
Last visit: Mar 6
porque ya tengo 50

Spain, Basque Country, Bilbao
Joined: Oct 14, 2007
Last visit: Oct 16, 2013
Want to play with kids my own age.

United States, Colorado, Denver
Joined: Apr 20, 2009
Last visit: Sep 8, 2011
because my friend jacqueline is here...

France, Rhone-Alpes, Morzine
Joined: Nov 30, 2011
Last visit: May 19, 2013

Italy, Lazio, Rome
Joined: Mar 20, 2010
Last visit: Sep 1, 2013
To feel like at home everywhere ...

Switzerland, Geneva, Geneva
Joined: Mar 30, 2011
Last visit: Apr 18
Feel safer around older people

United States, Florida, Tampa
Tamara York
Joined: Dec 21, 2009
Last visit: Dec 22, 2009
To share wisdom and knowledge

Australia, Queensland, Toowoomba
Tamida Princic
Joined: Jul 6, 2009
Last visit: Jul 8, 2013
because I would like to make conections with my age people

Slovenia, Osrednjeslovenska, Ljubljana
Joined: Nov 25, 2013
Last visit: Apr 18
Being 50+ myself I look forward to meeting other hosts/couchsurfers in my age group.

Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Tarek Heni
Tarek Heni
Joined: Aug 25, 2010
Last visit: May 25, 2011
Tunisia, Ben Arous, Megrine
Tasia Tretyakova
Tasia Tretyakova
Joined: Aug 11, 2010
Last visit: Aug 12, 2010
I love this age

Belarus, Brest Region, Brest
Tareq Alobaid
Tareq Alobaid
Joined: May 31, 2013
Last visit: Dec 22, 2013
I am in my early 50's

Kuwait, Kuwait, Kuwait City
Tarun Sharma
Tarun Sharma
Joined: Jan 2, 2012
Last visit: Apr 18
India, Rajasthan, Jaipur
Terese Newman-McKay
Terese Newman-McKay
Joined: Mar 21, 2011
Last visit: Mar 20, 2012
spiritual quest to connect with others/peers

United States, Connecticut, Windsor
Teri Robers
Joined: Sep 2, 2012
Last visit: Jun 24, 2013
United States, Florida, Orlando
Terre Kaiara Christensen
Terre Kaiara Christensen
Joined: Jun 7, 2012
Last visit: Apr 9
I love the young at heart, and appreciate the wisdom of experience

United States, Oregon, Springfield
Tessa Bowman
Tessa Bowman
Joined: Jul 1, 2011
Last visit: Dec 30, 2013
I will be 50 in a few wks.. I would love to find a group to join that is close to my age. I am a Medical Professional and Travel a lot. I am traveling thru Boise, Idaho in Mid July (1 day only) and would like to meet up with Couch Surfer(s).

United States, North Carolina, Boone
Terry Singleton
Joined: Apr 6, 2011
Last visit: Apr 6, 2011
looking for like-minded friends

United States, Hawaii, Kaneohe
Terry Black
Joined: Aug 2, 2012
Last visit: Aug 10, 2012
50+ but i want to meet people who are young at heart!!!

Canada, British Columbia, Vernon
Terry Coles
Joined: Jun 4, 2006
Last visit: Jun 7, 2009
I love travelling and meeting people

England, Worcestershire, Worcester
Tharupond Paisuksantiwattana
Tharupond Paisuksantiwattana
Joined: Mar 3, 2010
Last visit: Aug 19, 2012
Thailand, Bangkok, Bangkok
Thea Montandon
Joined: Jun 29, 2007
Last visit: Apr 24, 2010
... interested in people

United States, California, Walnut Creek
Theresia Theresia P
Joined: Mar 24, 2012
Last visit: Mar 24, 2012
coz I'm 50 years old, that's why.

Indonesia, Banten (Java), Tangerang
Theophil Balz
Theophil Balz
Joined: Jan 5, 2009
Last visit: Apr 18
I noticed: not only I am preferring to be in about the same age 'class' - the younger ones too

Slovenia, Pomurska, Rogasovci
The Traveling Entrepreneur
Joined: Jul 7, 2008
Last visit: Apr 18
England, London, London
Thomas Corcoran
Thomas Corcoran
Joined: Sep 21, 2011
Last visit: Sep 21, 2011
Why not?

United States, California, Corona
Thierry Schaetzle
Thierry Schaetzle
Joined: Feb 9, 2011
Last visit: Feb 9, 2011
I am 56

France, Alsace, Reichstett
Theresia Rexeisen
Theresia Rexeisen
Joined: Jan 10, 2009
Last visit: Jan 30, 2013
because I´m born in `53

Germany, Berlin, Berlin
Thomas Kall
Thomas Kall
Joined: Jan 3, 2012
Last visit: Apr 18
I'm over 50 and love to travel

United States, Tennessee, Athens
Tibor and Ibolya Verebes
Tibor and Ibolya Verebes
Joined: Mar 9, 2010
Last visit: Apr 27, 2010
love travel ,over 50,feel no age,looking for similars

Hungary, Baranya, Pecs
Tim Reynolds
Joined: Oct 12, 2008
Last visit: Jun 12, 2012
Because I'm qualified

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
Timo Myllyla
Joined: Apr 14, 2011
Last visit: Apr 14, 2011
Becourse the people in other side are so yuong

Finland, Kainuu, Kajaani
Tim Warren
Tim Warren
Joined: Jul 8, 2012
Last visit: Jul 8, 2012
Looking for new travel experiance's

United States, New Jersey, Waretown
Tim Watson
Joined: Jul 16, 2013
Last visit: Nov 5, 2013
Interested to read what the seniors have to say about cs

Australia, Victoria, Mornington
Tina Oda
Tina Oda
Joined: Jan 9
Last visit: Apr 14
I am almost 50.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Tina Hannon
Joined: Nov 28, 2012
Last visit: Mar 3, 2013
I'm 50!

United States, California, Cloverdale
Tom Arlidge
Joined: Sep 18, 2008
Last visit: Feb 19, 2011
I'm 50+; love travelling and want to make friends on the way....

England, Dorset, Bournemouth
Tom Klaasen
Joined: Feb 5, 2013
Last visit: Nov 29, 2013
As I am 50 +

South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb
Joined: Dec 2, 2013
Last visit: Apr 18

Romania, Cluj, Cluj-Napoca
Toni Purdy
Joined: Jul 14, 2011
Last visit: May 26, 2013
it is another group of interest

Australia, New South Wales, Burringbar
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