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Janelle Robinson
Joined: May 3, 2010
Last visit: May 6, 2013
I'm 50+ and want to meet others that are travelers and have fun

United States, California, Sacramento
Joined: Jan 3, 2010
Last visit: Feb 20, 2011
We enjoy having young ones surf, but would like to meet some people in our own age group as well.

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
Janet Lilja
Joined: Sep 24, 2010
Last visit: Sep 17, 2012
United States, Colorado, Boulder
Jana Peskova
Jana Peskova
Joined: Dec 20, 2009
Last visit: Nov 18, 2013
im 50 and I hope am not being alone in it as I feel sometimes with all my kids

Czech Republic, Prague, Prague
Jane Jermyn
Joined: Jul 20, 2007
Last visit: Mar 31, 2013
Great to meet other 50+'s who feel like I do about CS and perhaps other things in life too - a great way to find out!

Ireland (Republic of), Waterford, Lismore
Janinececile Feuillet
Janinececile Feuillet
Joined: Nov 9, 2012
Last visit: Jan 3
To meet people of my age with the same interests !

France, Rhone-Alpes, Annecy
Jane Carhart
Joined: Apr 26, 2012
Last visit: Nov 30, 2013
Looking for travel companions to share planning and trips to non-US countries, particularly Asia and South America. I live in Europe.

Spain, Andalusia, Jimena de la Frontera
Jane Sherrington
Joined: Dec 18, 2009
Last visit: Mar 5
Looking to meet more people my age

England, London, London
Janet Robin
Janet Robin
Joined: Jul 11, 2009
Last visit: Jul 31, 2010
because 50+

New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland
Jane Ginter
Joined: Feb 14, 2013
Last visit: Feb 14, 2013
I'm a retired widow interested in traveling.

United States, Alaska, Juneau
Jane Hartsfield
Joined: May 29, 2011
Last visit: May 29, 2011
meet other travellers of my general age

United States, North Carolina, Asheville
Janet Gardner
Joined: May 2, 2013
Last visit: Apr 17
Close to the 55+

Canada, Ontario, London
Jasminka i Darko Grundler
Jasminka i Darko Grundler
Joined: Nov 5, 2010
Last visit: May 21, 2012
To make friends of my age

Croatia, Zagreb City, Zagreb
Jantina de Vries
Jantina de Vries
Joined: Oct 27, 2013
Last visit: Apr 17
I'm 50+

Netherlands, Gelderland, Apeldoorn
Jarek Chwesiuk
Jarek Chwesiuk
Joined: Dec 22, 2011
Last visit: Apr 17
Poland, Pomerania, Leba
Jasmine Chang
Jasmine Chang
Joined: Aug 19, 2013
Last visit: Aug 25, 2013
What people are doing 50s+?

Taiwan, Taichung, Daya
Jean Kalman
Joined: May 31, 2011
Last visit: Apr 19, 2012
Because there's no 65+ group :)

France, Aquitaine, Jurancon
Jean Morrison
Joined: Apr 18, 2009
Last visit: Jan 30, 2010
The group suits our ages

Australia, Western Australia, Bunbury
Jean-Marie Baltimore
Jean-Marie Baltimore
Joined: Jun 7, 2007
Last visit: Jan 15, 2010
gonna be 55 next October 30th ! Always been a traveller ? I think I belong !

Brazil, Sergipe, Barra dos Coqueiros
Jeannette McDonald
Jeannette McDonald
Joined: May 7, 2010
Last visit: Jan 11, 2013
Love traveling and hungry to meet like-minded people, Are you one?

United States, Wisconsin, Neenah
Jean Marcotte
Jean Marcotte
Joined: Apr 23, 2009
Last visit: Apr 23, 2009
Because I turn 56, and will be cycling the Silk Route (Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China) 15,000km. Leaving Istanbul 18 May to Shanghai 15 Oct, and would appreciate meeting with you along the way

Canada, Quebec, Gatineau
Jeannie Friedmann
Joined: Jun 28, 2009
Last visit: Apr 16
Like to know other 50+ travelers (although in my head I still think I'm 35).

Ecuador, Pichincha, Quito
Jeff Henley
Jeff Henley
Joined: Dec 24, 2009
Last visit: Feb 6
Because I cant find a group for 70s+ and all my friends are in their 50s

Australia, New South Wales, Kempsey
Jeanie Hore
Jeanie Hore
Joined: Jun 18, 2011
Last visit: Apr 1, 2013
Just love to meet up with others who dare to try something different

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
Jeanne  Dee
Jeanne Dee
Joined: Nov 24, 2010
Last visit: Nov 29, 2010
We are over 50 & love to travel & connect with good people. We have been on an open ended world tour for the last 5 years & we have a 10 yo daughter who is with us. www.soultravelers3.com

United States, California, Santa Cruz
Jen Newman
Joined: Nov 4, 2010
Last visit: Sep 15, 2012
recommended by another member as a great group to join

Canada, British Columbia, Langley
Jeannie Busby
Jeannie Busby
Joined: May 19, 2011
Last visit: Apr 17
Love to travel love to hear other peoples stories love to meet new people love to experience new cultures

Mexico, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende
Jeanie Johnston
Jeanie Johnston
Joined: Apr 28, 2010
Last visit: Jul 30, 2012
Because I'm OLD!!!!

United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis
Jenna Cruz
Jenna Cruz
Joined: Dec 28, 2010
Last visit: Jan 3, 2011
Simply because I am just a friendly person and would love to be friends with almost everyone

Philippines, National Capital Region, Makati
Jenny Compston
Jenny Compston
Joined: Aug 30, 2010
Last visit: Apr 17
I would love to host some mature travellers, they have the best stories!

New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland
Jennifer Justice
Jennifer Justice
Joined: Jan 24, 2012
Last visit: Feb 28
no prizes for guessing...i confess i'm not longer a raging party animal...

Australia, New South Wales, Nowra
Jennifer Kerr
Jennifer Kerr
Joined: May 29, 2012
Last visit: May 30, 2012
to be inspired by people close to my own age and perhaps inspire someone else to run amuck (sp?)?

Canada, British Columbia, Richmond
Jennifer Chou
Jennifer Chou
Joined: Jul 4, 2012
Last visit: Sep 15, 2012
Get chance to meet with older travelers in CS family.

United States, Texas, Houston
Jerald Pitt
Jerald Pitt
Joined: Mar 15
Last visit: Mar 15
Canada, Alberta, Grande Cache
Jennifer Young
Joined: Sep 24, 2010
Last visit: Apr 17
My husband is 50+ and I'm getting close!

United States, California, Los Angeles
Jerry Ferry
Joined: Jun 12, 2008
Last visit: Apr 17
Birds of a feather ....

United States, Alabama, Florence
Jerome Pascaris
Joined: May 6, 2011
Last visit: Nov 15, 2013
Because I need a travel partner and we in a great age range!

Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Jerry Lantz
Joined: Dec 8, 2008
Last visit: Oct 22, 2012
Sounds great fun!

Sweden, Stockholm, Stockholm
Jerry Lindstrom
Joined: Dec 30, 2011
Last visit: Mar 23, 2012
Find like minded travelers

United States, Washington, Clarkston
Jerome Harrison
Joined: Jul 15, 2010
Last visit: Feb 2
think I will have fun with CS more my age

United States, North Carolina, Morehead City
Jerry Nelson
Jerry Nelson
Joined: Aug 27, 2007
Last visit: Apr 20, 2012
United States, North Carolina, Asheville
Jessy  + Bernd
Jessy + Bernd
Joined: Oct 15, 2012
Last visit: Oct 19, 2012
looking for writers, photographers and other creative people for a magazine about couch-surfing

Germany, Bavaria, Munich
Jhet van Ruyven
Joined: Apr 6, 2012
Last visit: Apr 17
Age of wisdom we are

Canada, British Columbia, White Rock
Ji Ying He
Ji Ying He
Joined: May 30, 2013
Last visit: Oct 30, 2013
I am the new couchsurfer, I need find a place to meet others。

China, Zhejiang, Hangzhou
Jim Gerace
Jim Gerace
Joined: Oct 29, 2012
Last visit: Oct 29, 2012
Because I'm of that certain age. ;-)

United States, Ohio, Cincinnati
Jill Lundmark
Joined: May 24, 2013
Last visit: Jun 1, 2013
To meet like-minded travellers

New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland
Jesus X Liano
Joined: Aug 25, 2010
Last visit: Sep 13, 2010
I am one of you, I guess.

Spain, Galicia, A Coruna
Jim Leybourne
Joined: Feb 25, 2006
Last visit: Mar 1
'cause I can see 50 from where I'm at :-)

United States, Pennsylvania, Bellefonte
Jill and Alex Benham
Joined: Feb 10, 2009
Last visit: Mar 18, 2010
Have just joined CouchSurfing, am 61 and love travelling and meeting new people

Australia, New South Wales, Mullumbimby
Jim Contreras
Joined: May 5, 2010
Last visit: Apr 16
I'm 59.

United States, California, Temple City
Jimmie Potts and Lani Sammons
Joined: Feb 6, 2011
Last visit: Jun 24, 2013
I made it to 50!!

United States, Florida, Deltona
Jhana Choong
Jhana Choong
Joined: Jun 24, 2013
Last visit: Apr 9
I can relate better with people about this age.

Malaysia, Penang, Gelugor
Jill Turner
Joined: Aug 2, 2009
Last visit: Jun 1, 2011
United States, Massachusetts, Northampton
Jill Vanderwood
Joined: Jul 30, 2010
Last visit: Jul 11, 2011
It's great to meet other young thinkers like myself!

United States, Utah, Salt Lake City
Jim Lamb
Joined: Jan 15, 2011
Last visit: Jan 16, 2011
I am over 50 and love to travel.

United States, South Carolina, Columbia
Joachim Wessling
Joachim Wessling
Joined: Sep 26, 2010
Last visit: Apr 17
Its not so far away for me to be also a 50+

Germany, Saxony, Aue
Joined: Dec 20, 2011
Last visit: Jan 27
To learn from other members and make new friends

England, Dorset, Blandford Forum
Joan Trill
Joined: Jan 19, 2009
Last visit: Oct 26, 2010
travelling companion

Canada, British Columbia, Sidney
Jo Gordon-Chuakay
Joined: Nov 12, 2011
Last visit: Oct 23, 2013
Referred by a friend/member

United States, New Jersey, Englishtown
JoJa Wambui
JoJa Wambui
Joined: Mar 30
Last visit: Apr 3
social interaction

Kenya, Nairobi, Nairobi
Joined: Mar 4, 2011
Last visit: May 13, 2011
Love travelling and meeting over 50s,and others too of course!

France, Lower Normandy, Cherbourg-Octeville
Joanne G
Joanne G
Joined: Jan 18, 2012
Last visit: Mar 22
Fifty is the new thirty. Thought I would start here.

United States, Washington, Seattle
Joan Sanaker
Joan Sanaker
Joined: Apr 23, 2011
Last visit: Apr 23, 2011
Traveling to do genealogy research. Hope to meet others with same interest.

United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis
Joe Baker
Joined: Jun 26, 2007
Last visit: Oct 27, 2007
Cause I am over 50 and love to travel...

United States, California, Oroville
Joanna Pike
Joanna Pike
Joined: Sep 3, 2012
Last visit: Apr 17
England, Devon, Exeter
Joanne Hyde
Joined: Feb 19, 2007
Last visit: Mar 29
to meet people in similar age group, show people it aint over yet!

England, Wiltshire, Swindon
Joanne Lister
Joanne Lister
Joined: Apr 27, 2013
Last visit: Apr 17
Over 50 and love to travel!! Looking for travel mates!

Canada, Ontario, Penetanguishene
Joe Young
Joe Young
Joined: Dec 20, 2013
Last visit: Apr 17
Share my experience

United States, California, Sacramento
Jocelyn Lalonde
Joined: Jan 7, 2010
Last visit: Apr 8
Well I'm 50+ and I love to travel so this seems like a good group for me to check out.

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria
Johanna Schneider
Johanna Schneider
Joined: Feb 27, 2012
Last visit: Mar 11, 2012
Looking to meet other members in Tacoma Washington

United States, North Carolina, Asheville
Johannes Steinbach
Johannes Steinbach
Joined: Feb 5, 2010
Last visit: May 2, 2010
Austria, Styria, Graz
Johanna Krieger
Johanna Krieger
Joined: Nov 2, 2009
Last visit: Nov 15, 2009
in four weeks i will be 50 years. wooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg
John Geraghty
Joined: Apr 12, 2013
Last visit: Oct 2, 2013
It seemed like a good idea at the time

England, Cornwall, St Austell
John Cox
John Cox
Joined: Jul 17, 2009
Last visit: Mar 21
about to start travelling again and easily 50+

England, Wiltshire, Swindon
John Elkins
John Elkins
Joined: Feb 5, 2011
Last visit: Feb 5, 2011
55... love to travel

Philippines, Cebu, Asturias
Johannes Rijpkema
Joined: Nov 17, 2008
Last visit: Apr 13
Would like to meet, host and be hosted by people who are my age.

Netherlands, Friesland, Rijperkerk
John and Linda Caroe
John and Linda Caroe
Joined: Sep 7, 2011
Last visit: Nov 12, 2012
Have recently retired and hoping to travel more. Enjoy sharing experiences of travel and hobbies.

England, East Sussex, Eastbourne
John Evans
John Evans
Joined: Jan 12, 2009
Last visit: Dec 20, 2013
My age, I guess.!

Australia, Victoria, Torquay
John Gunther
John Gunther

Joined: Jun 6, 2009
Last visit: Mar 27
looks like wild and crazy people

United States, New York, Livingston Manor
John Hudson
Joined: Jun 6, 2008
Last visit: Apr 1
to make them laugh

England, Bristol, Bristol
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