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Every Stateless Nation suffers Racism
Posted May 29th, 2009 - 12:43 am by from Castellon de la Plana, Spain (Permalink)
No own State, no Army, etc. means very probably that Stateless Nation keeps on suffering Racism from the main Nationality into the same State. I.e. Mons or Karens under Burma Dictatorship, Occitans under French rule, Amazigh under Arabic Regimes, Kurds under Turkey or other States, Tibet or Uighur under China, Dayak under Indonesia...
A big part of Racism in the World comes from that. So what we have created a group for this, all you are invited to "Stateless Nations" CS Group: http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=4759

Posted June 27th, 2009 - 10:40 pm by from Castellon de la Plana, Spain (Permalink)
A Manifesto in face of Spanish Racism against Catalonia

In Spanish: www.blocs.mesvilaweb.cat/node/view/id/74062


(In memoriam: Josep-Maria Isanta, young militant for the independence, murdered during an outdoor party in Berga (Catalunya) for being catalan, 2005). http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=Is-e1Yyc-yY&NR=1
“Spain and Castile, both miserable,
yesterday and today dominators,
your culture, full of rags,
despises anything it ignores” (Antonio Machado, 1875-1939, andalousian poet dead in exile at Northern Catalonia). http://www.e-noticies.com/2005/06/13/images_dinamic/Noticias_imagen_18598.jpg “Once a human being is tagged, the masses will not care about how he is or what he really does” (Anonymous).

1. I have always been Catalan. Whoever says that he is Catalan, but continuously apologizes for being different from other citizens holding a Spanish passport, is only someone that abhorrs his own origin. Do not reject me for being Catalan, it is as natural as being from Seville. In my catalanship there is no will to offend or damage anyone: it is my place of birth and a basic trait of my personality. This is my way to exist, my specific way of being a person. Many Catalonians are full of being systematically presented as the “bad guys” of the story simply because we are the way we are, in the same manner that madrilenians are the way they are, although they are not expected to apologize for this: we are full of being expected to apologize for existing. We are full of seeing how our land and our culture are systematically ignored by the Spanish media, while folklore from other regions is widely promoted, and we are full of many other discriminations. “The Jew problem does not exist, it is a problem of human nature. A ruler must frame the passions of the ruled, and, since the strongest human passion is hatred, rather than love, the ruler must follow the track left by the ruled, and tell them that they are right. They better hate and kill the Jew (=Catalan) than rebel against the ruler (=state corruption)" (From a motion picture on a pogrom against the Jews in Russia). “Passionate hatred may give meaning to life, and become a target for an empty life” (Eric Hoffer). “Few persons can be happy if they do not hate other persons, nations, or creeds” (Bertrand Russel, British philosopher). Spanish politicians at the service of the everlasting oligarchs follow this machiavelic principle: “Create the problems that are required to solve the matters that really interest you”. They turn the Catalan will for freedom into a problem just to repress it later on, and obtain a booty in the form of whether votes or taxes.

2. There is separatism (independentism), between other reasons, because there are Spanish separators and anti-Catalan racism. We are the Blacks of Spain and our language is the colour of our skin and the tax spoliation, disguised of “solidarity”, our bondage. This solidarity is ambiguous, and, in any case, solidarity fund transfers between regions in Germany or France are not higher than 4%, while Catalonia is obliged to gratiously “donate” more than 10% of its GDP. This is not solidarity but colonial explotation. If Mr. Rodríguez Ibarra, President of Extremadura, want his region to be subsidized, he could subsidize it himself by lowering his own salary. Examples of day-to-day Spanish linguistic racism: http://barcelona.indymedia.org/newswire/display/122988/index.php

"Falange Española (filonazi party) was not interested in seizing Jews because there were just a few of them in the country, instead Falange was interested in seizing Catalonians, Bascs, and other regional minorities ". "Occasional anti-semitism under the francoist regime ... was never a doctrine. On the contrary, anti-catalanism, anti-basquism, and anti-galicism were true francoist doctrines" (Herbert R. Southworth, when discussing about the anti-semitism of the pre-war francoist regime). “The ability, and the understanding capability of the masses are highly limited, and their lack of memory is enormous. As a consequence, any propaganda must concentrate in a few aspects and exploit them as maxims until the last son of the people knows what we want ...” (“Mein Kampf”, Adolf Hitler, terrorist dictator, 1889-1945).

3. If I ever wished to be born somewhere else, or I have acted as if I were, is not because my catalanship makes me unhappy, but because I thought that this was the only way to survive in the midst of the prejudice and hatred that certain media are fostering with the aim of smashing our minds and our souls. It severely hurts me that others feel they have the right to despise, fool, and aggress me only because I am different from them, because I have got my own language and customs, and also because I claim what in strict justice belongs to us. “The words written in the books of his Law had to be accomplished: they hate me for no reason” (John 15:25). “We love for no reason, and for no reason we hate” (Jean-François Regnard). “Isn’t it nonsense not to punish a bandit, in spite of his reputation, before the truth is known, and, on the contrary, that we are being hated because of a libelous incrimination with no previous examination?” (“Speech against the Greeks”, Tacianus, Christian apologetic 2nd century). “Anything that is qualified of 'Christian' must not be considered either good of bad for itself, regardless of the facts” (Apology de Justinus, Christian of the 2nd century).

4. The loathing, contempt, horror and distrust with regards to Catalonians is known as catalonophobia. Phobia is an irrational rejection, and, as a consequence, a mental disorder, artificially fostered to serve the bastard political interests of a minority that economically benefits from the people they treat as a simple colony. The time has arrived to heal all those who suffer this disorder (17% of the Spanish population, according to surveys carried out 2 years ago). "Catalan, Jew and renegade, you'll pay for all the damage you caused. Up with the Army, let's win, it is dawning again in Spain." (Paragraph of the “Cara al Sol”, a falangist anthem sung during the Battle of the Ebro, 1938). The prejudice and hate to minorities fostered by the media of the power (Establishment) have existed on all epochs and human societies: http://www.ucm.es/info/eurotheo/arkauth/7.htm. George Orwell perfectly explains it in his novel "1984": Goldstein is a sort of 'bad guy' of the story, but he is really just a poor man with no significant power. Anyhow he is the target of the official propaganda that intends to materialize the wrath of the people on some specific person. In today’s Catalonia, Mr. Carod-Rovira, as before Mr. Pujol, as personifications of the Catalan will of freedom, is being made to play the same role. There are always politics or media ravens that use them to eat a few guts.

5. I am no different from any other human being. The more you reject me, the more I’ll grow away from you. If I am your friend, do not allow your racism to turn me into a strange. “The Catalan problem will only be solved with restrictions, not with palliatives and pacts, but by the iron and the fire” ("La Correspondencia Militar", Madrid, December 13, 1907). “The victories in Catalonia are the result of the faith that you put in us from the first moment. I very much acknowledge your sincere congratulations, and forward to you, with my best wishes for the greatness of your nation, the salutations of the New Spain and its Armies. Generalísimo Franco" (Wire to Adolph Hitler to respond to his greetings for the military conquest of Barcelona).

6. There are Catalonians of all kinds, ages and classes: you will find us in government, church, teaching institutions, government and private companies, and in almost every proffesion and activity. There are more than six milion catalonians that expect to be treated without prejudices. There exist many cases of discrimination for speaking our language in our own land, for this reason we have to fight unsparingly. Recently, quite a few agressions by skin heads have happened against Catalonians for the simple fact of being Catalonians, according to witnesses. These news are given little attention or are disguised by the media, mostly controlled by entrepreneurs that are closely related to the Spanish big political parties (PP y PSOE). “¡Catalan dogs! ¡You do not deserve the sunlight that lightens you!” (Military Governor Aymat, 1939). “None of the detainees will ever forget his stay in the police station. They were insulted and theatened, they suffered a degrading treatment, and some of them were even tortured. Just arrived in Torredembarra, in the province of Tarragona, their hands were tied with ropes, they were obliged to put on their knees, face a wall for more than two, and sometimes three, hours while the policemen were crying " Down on the ground, as if you were dogs!". Detainees were not allowed to speak Catalan, not even to each other. Guards shouted: "Speak Christian!", "In Spanish, Polish!" or even "terrorists" or "catalan dogs", "Not even water should be given to these catalan dogs!", they said. In some cases, such as when going to the toilet, detainees desperately saw that not a single drop of water was falling from the spigot. One of them required medical assistance twice because he was starting to suffer tachycardia...” (Arbitrary arrest of Catalan young people, 28-7-2002).

7. If all Catalonians were to disappear (Franco planned to deport all of us to Africa as soon as Hitler were to win the war), you would miss many people that you know or admire. Many of the greatest characters in history, arts, sciences and sports are catalan : Gaudí, Casals, Colón (Colom)... More than one third of the "Spanish" Olimpic medalists. Even the founders of the Real Madrid football club and of the Feria de Abril were catalonians, catalan was the inventor of the "peseta", the former Spanish currency, the Spanish flag is just a simplification of the catalan flag carried out by the time of Carlos III. You may even not be born: you never know if Catalan blood is flowing through your veins. The very Spanish Royal Family has both royal and plebeian Catalan blood (Alphons XII was the son of Isabel II and a Catalan military). “(...) in the memories of German Luftwaffe officer who volunteered in the "Legion Condor", - the nazi air force that fought under Franco orders - explained that the most bombarded region and the one where the civil population was most attacked during the Civil War was Catalonia. Also, the city that was most punished by the bombings was Barcelona, where, on the contrary of Madrid and other Spanish cities, the undiscriminated launching of incendiary bombs was ordered. (...) If the 3rd Recich had won WWII, the deportation of the population of catalan origin - regardless of their ideology - to concentration camps in Northern Africa and the further colonization of the catalan land with people from different Spanish regions, was already planned. Since the outcome ot the war did not allow Franco to carry out the first part of its genocidal project, they organized the gigantic migration that Catalonia suffered during the Dictatorship, aiming at the destruction of the Catalan nation." And yet there are shameless Spaniards that say that Franco benefited the catalonians....” (Dr. Franz-Berndt Speicher, German professor of Contemporary History at the University of Hamburg, L´Estel de Mallorca, 1 de julio de 1997). Affront and evil in the machiavelian "raison d'etat" : http://storm.prohosting.com/extraofi/ According to the Convention of Geneva, any prisoner of war has the right to evade. Catalonia was conquered in 1714 after a genocidal war, and has the right to be free. Same as an abused woman has the right to divorce and be granted that her former partner will be kept away from her.

8. You've no right to expect me to be like you, for you to consider me a valuable person, or to deserv your affection: this is discrimination and offense. Because I can be and believe whatever I consider appropriate, and we Catalonians must solve our own businesses, as you Spaniards solve yours. “You will not join the majority to commit evil nor you will be the biased witness of a process that, against justice, favors the majority” (Éxodus 23:2). “A person of my knowledge asserts that it is a law of the history of Spain that Barcelona must be bombed every 50 years. The approach of Felipe V was unjust and tough, but solid and comfortable. It worked for two centuries” (Manuel Azaña, President of the II República Espanyola, in his “Memorias”). The linguistic apartheid in the Spanish state: http://www.unitat.org/Contrainmforme_ONU-2.pdf

9. If you want me to respect you, you also will have to respect me. Respect is the capacity of considering the value of others. “War-like anti-catalanism expands to all classes of population in Castile. The core of catalanophobia is not to be found only within the Castilian aristocracy, or within the military, or within the menial milieu of academics and lawyers” (A. Sieberer, an Austrian writer, «España frente a Cataluña» , pàg. 145, 1944). “National hatred is something peculiar. It will always be found stronger and more violent where the cultural level is lower” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe). Anti-catalan demonstration organized by the PP (Partido Polular) in Salamanca: http://www.elperiodico.com/EDICION/ED050612/CAT/FOTOS/EPPNDCAT/CARP01/f018mh03.jpg

10. You are Andalousian or Castilian, or you love the Spanish footbal national team, the only one that is allowed in Spain (well, the Catalan national team also exists, but it is not allowed to dispute international official chanpionships). ¿Have you ever wondered how sad it is for us, Catalonians, to be constantly discriminated and demonized, as happened to the Jews? The outgrown and exclusive Spanish chauvinism that is being broadcasted by the Spanish media, is hiding the vested interest of using the Spanish citizens as canon fodder to avoid sovereignty (mainly the economic one) of the rich colonies that are being exploited by those who rule the State, it is a patriotism whose true flag are the euros from the bribes they are paid from almost anything. "The Civil War is Preferable to the Statute" (Headlines of the "El Imparcial" 1932). "To reason and to convince, what a hard, long, and costly task it is! Suggest? How easy, quick and simple!" (Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Nobel Prize of Medicine 1906 (1852-1934).

11. Before using injuriating terms such as "polish", "catalino", "yokel", “greedy”, "villager", etc., please think that we all deserve respect and that the Catalonians are the ones that more read, travel and make business in the State, so that we may not be as much "villagers" as the racists and pampered Spaniards claim us to be. Catalonia was conquered by the force of the arms in a war of extermination (the Succession War 1705-1715) and we want to recover our sovereignty as it was and rule ourselves, that is it. We do not intend to rule others nor collect taxes from other people, we are not the greedy ones, others rob what is ours and not only in the economic domain. Spanish politicians and other participants of the feast do not want to lose the bargain of exploiting the « rich colonies » for nothing, and this is why they do not stop fostering an agressive Spanish nationalism that spreads hatred towards all things Catalan. When Cuba was fighting for its independence, the Spanish government « invented » the concentration camps, using, as usually does, the Spanish youth as cannon fodder to defend the interests of the Spanish companies (the richest ones) in the colony. « On this issue, the intransigence is outrageous, angry. From the governments that forbade the Catalan language in the cablegrams and the pulpit, up to the private persons that complain as soon as they hear in the Ramblas o on the bus anything spoken in Catalan, that rough, unpleasant, unpoetic « dialect » they say, it could be said that they all agree at damaging, something that is built in their personality » (Antonio Cortón). The Spanish police mistreated Antoni Gaudí, the well known architect, for speaking Catalan in Catalonia :

12. To be and live as Catalan in Spain, as others are and live as Spaniards or Andalousians, is no crime, no sign of peasantry, no craze, no shame : it is just something natural. I, as any other Catalan, did not « turned myself into a nationalist » because « the nationalist politicians induced me using perverse maneuvers », as some falsely suggest. We did not invent our language : we have always spoken it, as other have always spoken Spanish, although at present even Catalonians hear Spanish most of the time because of the smashing impact of the media and because for decades Spanish was the only language in all teaching instutions in Spain. We do not want to be nationalists, but if we are offended, and deprived of our rights, we are obliged to defend what is just. Is this nationalism? Then, what is to be despised, looted, deprived of your most basic rights and of the equality with regards to other citizens that, paying less, enjoy more linguistic and also other kinds of rights? There is a Spanish nationalism that excludes, that wants to hide its true face, the face of the Dictator. « These people get offended for the mere existence of the Catalan language, whose survival they resent as an injustice. » (Josep Maria Espinás, Avui, 9-6-81).

13. The stories that you might have read or heard about Catalonians being « greedy », « closed », « disagreeable » are only gossip and prejudice. We simply expect from others the same politeness and respect that most of us show to others. « In order to be Ultrasur (=R. Madrid hooligans) you’ve got to be a true savage,. Yes, just a pure beast. The most broken thing all over the world. If you meet these requirements, come to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to be submitted to a test (...) The master test, the one we prefer, the one that will make score the highest, is to kill a Catalan, or something like this. » (Interview magazine, issue 395, December 1983). « A 28 years old man from St. Vicenç de Castellet, whose name is D.C.G, filed suit at the Guardia Civil station against four « skin-heads » aged from 16 to 22, that attacked him on October the 3rd, 2000 for being Catalan » (La Vanguardia). Endangered languages because of the imposition of the Spanish language and the colonization process :

14. We are Catalonians, not because we think that this makes us better or worse than being Spaniards. I simply do not want to be what I am not, what I do not feel that I am. We were conquered at 1714 through multiple abuses, and we have never recovered the rights to our own power, economic authonomy, and culture. We do not want to remember our historical failures, but we are not going to close the eyes because whoever ignores his history is condemned to repeat it. If you are not attracted by the perspective of being Catalan, do not ask me to feel enthusiastic about being Spaniard, which is what has been used as a pretext for the systematic violation of our rights for centuries. It would be coward, vile, and despicable to fall that low. We do not hate, we do not want to hate, we only want our freedom : exactly the same as any of those who is reading this, it is wearying to be obliged to be what you are not. The world is not divided between Spaniards and unfeithful, the unity of Spain does not have to be something sacred and everlasting (excepting for those who enjoy the bargain ; for them it would be the end of the world). « The most important of all is that Catalonia was conquered for the force of the arms. Maybe the problem of Catalan separatism has disapperared for ever with this simple fact » (Diario nazi, «Rostocker Anzeiger», 1939).