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Project "Forgive Me"
Posted September 15th, 2012 - 6:26 pm by from Nicosia, Cyprus (Permalink)
Dear CSers, I was off the site for a while, and now I am back for an
urgent need and I am sure my fellow CSers wont turn me down.

I know you don't know me, but at least you have my CS profile and few
testimonies to tell you that I am a good person, and deserve a second

Simply put, my girlfriend and soulmate, my raison d'etre... I made a
huge mistake and we are trying to patch things up, and as a gesture and a
last try towards redepmtion, I thought of making a video of AS MANY
people/videos as possible (singles, groups, couples) saying "forgive him, he loves you" in as many places, languages...etc as possible.

So, what I need from you is simple YET it will really brighten up my life, I need you to:

1- pick up your phone, camera or any video recording gadget.

2- Alone, with your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/grandmother/dog/cat...etc just record a few seconds saying:

"He Loves You, Forgive Him".

It can be in English or ANY OTHER language...

3- Feel free to improvise... ANYTHING is deeply appreciated.

4- Take that file/files and send it to me on: maen.tamemi@gmail.com or send me a msg here to discuss your preferred way of delivery.

Again, ANYTHING will be deeply appreciated. You, your pizza delivery
guy, the cleaning lady in the office, your grandmother.... Anybody
anywhere anyhow...

I also will be going into the streets as well
and asking people to appear on my camera for the same reason. Once done
I will post the video here as well :)

Thank you all in advance...