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Travel experience with airline.
Posted February 21st, 2013 - 6:38 pm by from Pittsburgh, United States (Permalink)
Here is my story:

I was leaving HangZhou, China to Dallas
on the 13th of February,2013. I started out with China
Southern Airline to Beijing and have taken Air Canada from Beijing
Airport. Because China Southern Airline was delayed by more than an
hour, so I have arrived terminal 2 at beijing airport very late. Then
I had to hurry to the Air Canada ticket counter in terminal 3. when I
arrived at terminal 3, I just rushed to the Air Canada ticket counter
and told them that I did not have enough time to pick up my luggage
due to the limited time. So I asked a female agent to call China
Southern Airline and transfer my luggage to next flight with air
canada. She just looked at my passport and told me that the terminal
3 was too far from terminal 2. so they can't transfer my luggage. I
kept explaining that the china southern airline was delayed, so that
I did not even have time to go back to terminal 2 to get my luggage.
And I really needed to leave on that day. Then I tried to ask the
manager at the ticket counter to get my luggage from china southern
airline to air canada. But he did not even try to help or call
anyone, just simple said that they couldn't do it. They were not
trying to helping me in any ways. Instead of helping me, they were
laughing and told me that I can pay a fee to change my flight to the
next day.so that I could go back to terminal 2 to get my luggage. I
asked them to issue me the ticket and I had to leave china on that
flight. But they insisted to ask me to go back to terminal 2 and get
my luggage, even told me that I could not leave without my luggage. I
only had about 50 mins to check in, go through the customs and get to
my gate. I was really upset and explained again the situation and I
needed to check in and get on that flight. But they were not even
listening. They told me the same thing again and again.(i couldn't
not leave without my luggage, and they would not let me check in) I
was so desperate. i asked all my friends to call air Canada and
begged them to get my suitcase and put it on the air Canada flight.
But they did not do anything to help. I was standing around and was
about to cry in front of the workers at air Canada counter. The
workers were just looking at me as nothing has happened. I had to
give it another try, so I went to a different ticket counter for air
Canada, but the agent just asked the other co-worker about my
passport. Next thing I knew, the same female agent came over and told
her not to help me to check in. I was so desperate, so I told them
that I will leave without my luggage. But they told me the same
thing. They would not check me in without my luggage. I was crying
and begged them to check me in. but no matter what I said, they did
not want to help me with anything. Finally the manager forced me to
sign a paper stating that I wanted to give up my luggage and it was
not air Canada’s responsibility. So here I am in America, but my
luggage had to stay in China. Just because Air Canada's workers are
too lazy to do their job.

I have never been treated so bad
and experienced so desperate with anyone,or any company other than
air Canada. The worst part is it was even my first time to flight
with Air Canada. I will not ever fly with Air Canada again.
Let me know if you encounter the
similar experience! hope it won't happen again next time.

Posted February 22nd, 2013 - 1:15 am from Seoul, South Korea
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Posted February 22nd, 2013 - 4:01 am by from Pittsburgh, United States (Permalink)
Thanks for your reply on my post. i did make complaints to their head office. but have not heard anything from them yet. at that moment, i was just about to cry, but tried to control myself. all i wanted at that moment was leaving China. just felt like that my freedom was taken away. i am ok now, just learned my lesson. :) but will not ever take air canada again. thanks for your support on this experience. that was very nice of you.


Posted February 22nd, 2013 - 4:25 am from Seoul, South Korea
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Posted February 25th, 2013 - 1:15 pm by from Brasov, Romania (Permalink)
Since I am travelling often to China, almost every times I had similar problems.
Just tell you a few:
1. In Beijing I had once an overweight baggage. Since I did not wanted to pay the 200RMB/kg charge, I stepped back from the checkin, went to a garbage bin and started to throw away what wasn't worth the 200RMB. Since I visited fairs, I had many brochures with me and I only kept the businesscards from them. When I finished, a lady came, took the garbage bin to the stuff from the checkin, showed them (maybe they wanted to keep something for themselves from what I put to the garbage bin), then then nodded that they need nothing from my "garbage" and only after I was admitted to the checkin. So, my guess is that your baggage went to the hands of that manager. Maybe if you have his name, you can send him a postcard to the airport to him wishing to have fun with your stuff...
2. Another time in Beijing the security took my bodyspray. Usually it is permitted in containers of at most 100ml, by they took it. They was so happy that it had a 65$ pricetag on it. However that was in HKD, but they didn't knew this... If they new, maybe they wouldn't need it. But since for them it was an expensive bodyspray, they wanted to keep for themself as a souvenir...
3. Another time, same airport, at checkin they told me they need to inspect my baggage. I saw they were so disappointed that I only had some cheap chinese products in it...
4. There is also a bright side, because we had a delayed flight to BJ airport and needed to sleep in the airport for 5 hours and at the checkin the lady saw me with my mother sleeping there and she told me: because the flight on economy class is overbooked, she will give us a free upgrade to business class.
Then our flight was delayed with 6 hours and the captain informed us onboard that the Beijing aiport guys did not let them to leave from Rome (it was Alitalia) in time, so they "programmed" a six hour delay.
5. Once the trains were cancelled from Guangzhou to Hong Kong for no any apparent reason and I lost my flight at Qatar airways. They were so nice to offer me a compensation of 12 EURO out of the 700EUR ticket! I am so proud that with that 12 EUR and other 480 EUR I bought a new one-way ticket. Without their refund of 12 EUR maybe I would be starving even today in Hong Kong.
6. I spent 98 hours in hunger strike in Hong Kong airport, because my flight was delayed and I won't be able to catch my connecting flight, so I was to wait another week or who knows how long...
They were so nice that they called the National Security Departement and I was put under the suspicion of being terrorist and having armed guards around me, pointing with their guns towards me! Also, Mr. Hu, the head of the HK National Security came, offered me a bag with the Macdonalds logo on it, in order to feed me, since he saw that I am "hunger-strike"...
They treated me really nice, giving me a blanket only after I started to ask about the Consumer's Council. Also they called my country's fat consul, how started to yell to me after 48 hours of sleeping on the heavy pavement of the Departure zone and eating nothing, so he started to yell at me, why don't I stand still in front of his... Majesty... because he made specially for me 45kms! I informed him that I was not asking for his assistance, because I knew he was only a fat and boring guy, educated in a Russian school...
So only after I had help from another consular office I finally settled somehow my problem.
And yes, the reason why I was in hunger-strike was because at the Lufthansa they told me, "delayed flights passengers has no rights in China"
That is because in the European Union we have this Regulation 261/2004 which gives us rights even in the event of a delay, but only on flights in/from or towards the EU.
This time I went to the Ombudsman's Office too and I learnt that the staff froim the airport ground service are all from the same company which operates the ground service, in HK it is the Cathay's staff, regardless to which airline you are flying with.
So don't put a blame on the airline!
I was shocked when I arrived to Beijing with the Hainan airlines and I needed to take my bags and go to checkin counter from my connecting flight with my bags, though my connecting flight is also operated by Hainan...
You know, in China they don't put the customer on the first place, but their own corporate interests...

Posted February 26th, 2013 - 5:31 am by from Brasov, Romania (Permalink)
Just take a look on this: