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David Chung 
about biking in new york
Posted April 27th, 2009 - 12:02 am by David Chung from Brooklyn, United States (Permalink)
* ALWAYS LOCK YOUR BIKE and any removeable parts with a serious lock, especially at night. Bicycle thief vultures lurk.
* Riding a bike, especially with others, is one of the best way to see a city, and NY is a great example.
* There are 1000s of locals and visitors who ride bikes
every day in New York. They're easy to join:
* NYC is highly accessible by bicycle.
* NYC has great car-free trails throughout the city.
* During non-rush hour, bikes can and should be taken
on the subway, staten island ferry, and roosevelt
island tram. When riding the subway, back your rear
wheel up to the door connected to the next subway car.
* Taking your bike on the Metro North, LIRR, and
NJTransit is convenient, cheap, and fun. Talk to the
conductor when you board so he can tell you where to park.
* Many local bike maps, blogs, and more info are on:
* Bicycling common sense applies in new york city.
Lights, helmets, rush hour, flat tires, aggressive
drivers, etc.
* The most useful asset in your pocket is the nyc
bicycle map, available for free at any of the hundreds of
bike stores in nyc.

David Chung 
How and where to get a bike in New York(in progress - contributions welcome)
Posted April 27th, 2009 - 12:10 am by David Chung from Brooklyn, United States (Permalink)
this is my opinion.

get a secondhand bike. there are thousands of sweet bikes laying around ny that come from people who are used to buying nice things with money. then they get a flat and can’t be bothered with fixing it or even finding out who to pay to do it for them. after discovering that maintaining a bike requires effort, they dump a really nice ride that is 99% complete. (of course, buying secondhand also does a big favor to mother earth.)

so, maintaining a bike requires some commitment, and in new york, that means getting a good lock when you get your bike. a lock is not an optional accessory you add later! that lock is your bike's guardian and needs to go everywhere she goes, or you will quickly learn that a bike without a lock in nyc is a disposable bike, and it’s no fun to be on a bike when you know the only place you can go is back inside your apartment. that will hold you back from experiencing the freedom of being born again into a life on two wheels!

how to test a bike, practice as you shop ... six inch drop, loose chain, brakes, flat tires are expected / easily fixed, shift gears, loose headset, adjust seat height, bring a multitool if you have one

places to get bikes:
- thrift stores such as housing works and salvation army. $20-50 PROS: really cheap. hunting becomes an entertaining hobby and conversation topic. CONS: takes time. not for people who want something specific.
if you go to every thrift store you pass, within a couple weeks or months, depending on how picky you are, you'll find your match. it's kind of like entering a new dating pool. when you finally find "the one", it will feel like your match has been looking for you her whole life, too. tell all your friends who shop at thrift stores - and you'd be surprised at who shops at thrift stores so tell everyone - to keep their eyes out for elegible bike orphans, too. know how to test a bike. take a pump so you can pump tires and test drive it.

- craigslist. takes time to correspond, great if you know what you want

- secondhand bike shops such as recycle a bicycle

- build a bike at places like times up,
your next accessories are lights and a helmet.