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a little favour :)
Posted March 30th, 2012 - 9:47 am by from Istanbul, Turkey (Permalink)
Arabic speakers in the room?

If so, maybe you could make my a favour? I'm obsessed with an Arab song that I used to dance in my Oriental dance course. I asked my teacher about it, but she told me that it's a song she took from a Arab compilation record but she couldn't give me the name because it's written in Arabic and she doesn't know who is the singer, neither what the name of the song is.
The name of the CD is "Kello Jdid 2011", but it's not available in Germany. I found two differents Kello Jdid 2011 in the web but haven't any clue about the song or the singers yet.

I wonder if an Arabic speaker could transcribe the Arab characters for me and tell me the name of the songs and singers in the following album sleeves:



I would really appreciate your help. Shukran!

Posted March 30th, 2012 - 9:52 am by from Alexandria, Egypt (Permalink)
Those 2albums have different songs from each other tottally different
If u want to know both let me know
Karim Kassem

Posted March 30th, 2012 - 9:55 am by from Istanbul, Turkey (Permalink)
Salam Karim,

Yes please!

I don't know in which CD is the song that I like, but I hope with your help I can find it :)


Posted March 31st, 2012 - 1:04 pm by from Berlin, Germany (Permalink)

Well its really so nice to know that u like Arabic songs, and i can see in ur profile picture that u like Arabic scripts too. :)

anyway , here we go this is the translation :


1-Saber Al Ruba'e / E'ad Habebak
2-Gorge Wasouf/ Be yehsedouni
3-Ammer Zayan / Shab We'a bass hali
4-Haifa/ Bedi Shof Be'eonak Hob
5-Amer Diab/ Tagrebah We A'adet
6-Awar Al Ameer / Omri Ele Maraq
7-Al'a Zalzali/ Yeslamoli Ele Be Gharo
8-Tamer Housni /Smile
9-Melhem Zain/ Ensa
10-Hasan El Jasmi/ Mata Mata
11-Ayman Zabeb/Sho Ba'melek
12-Jad Khalifa/ Ta'a Ya Habibi
13-Weal Jasar/ Maoujo'a
14-Hamada Helal / Jowana Hajat
15-Hesani Al Jasmi/ La Teqarni Beghaeri
16-Hakim/Ya Mazajo
17-Husam El Juned / Dag Al Mani ( this song is so much funny and famous now a days i like it )

hope i helped u , and can i ask u something, Why Arabic u like , How Come u started to like arabic songs and ....etc?

anyway let me know if u need anything else , and by the way the album name is " All New" Koll Jidid .