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[Group Announcement] CS China Wiki
Posted June 11th, 2011 - 10:54 am by GUSGUSGUS from Kowloon West, China (Permalink)
Hi All

We have some good news!

We are launching the NEW CS China Wiki page (revamped and improved)!


BIG thanks to Maureen for helping to set up the base and the Wiki codes + Rosie for helping to maintain the page in the long run.

The "Group Details" section in the main CS China page has also been revised to include the Wiki link.

Happy Couchsurfing everyone!
Group moderator

What are your favorite hostels in China?
Posted July 21st, 2010 - 3:55 pm by CTravel27 from Washington, United States (Permalink)
I thought of making this topic after having a tough time finding surfers in Beijing recently. So, what is your favorite hostel in China? Although all answers are subjective, this list still could help travellers in the future, if enough people respond. Likewise, you can mention hostels that did not impress you.

For those who might not know, hostels are like a mix between hotels and student dorm rooms, and are usually very cheap. Prices typically range between 30-60 RMB for standard dorms (4-6 people) in China. Occasionally you will find rooms that can hold up to 8 people, and these rooms are usually extremely cheap.

When describing your favorite place try to be as detailed as possible. Also, at the start, briefly list your overall experience with hostels in China. For example, I have stayed at two hostels in Beijing, and one in Xian, Changshan, Fenghuang and Chengdu.

My favorite hostel in China out of the six I have stayed in so far, is, by far, "THE LOFT" in Chengdu. It is far superior to four of the hostels in Beijing (2), Xian and Fenghuang and slightly better than the Changshan International youth hostel.

Unless I state otherwise, the following is about "THE LOFT".

-The prices were reasonable: If memory serves me, I paid 35 rmb for a 4 person dorm, with free internet access, free access to movie (DVD) room and hot showers included. I did not have a membership card and this was during spring festival, so prices may vary. The loft has a kitchen too, and food prices were also reasonable and food was pretty tasty.

-The general ambiance is very nice. The common room is well decorated and plenty of sunlight can enter into the room on sunny days. The dorm room I stayed in was basic, but personally all I need is a bed and a place to lock my valuables (which can be found under your bed). Unlike other hostels I have stayed in (the one in Fengshuan for instance) the windows are big enough for sunlight to seep in. Overall, The loft is well decorated, and unique. Lighting is important to me, I don't like dark and dank places, and The Loft has good lighting.

-Overall, the staff was helpful. But I found one girl in particular to be extremely helpful and sociable. If you stay at this place in the future, I hope you guys are lucky enough to meet her! She replied to all my questions and was very eager to offer advice. I think she goes above and beyond in her work!...Unlike other workers (like the girl at Lanting hostel in Beijing) who seem to be more interested in playing QQ on the computer while at the front desk. I said "Hi" in a cheerful voice to that girl and was not even acknowledged, never mind an actual conversation! My gf couldn't believe how rude she was and was not impressed in her general attitude either. You will not find any of this negativity at "The loft" and staff are very friendly!

-Location: Great area of Chengdu! It is on a small quiet street and very close to the famous "China lane." Buses are only five minutes away as well.

-Other things: I did not need aircon when I stayed, so I am not sure if the hostel has it. They will also rent bikes to you for a reasonable price.

This hostel looks better in person than it does in any pictures I found on the internet.

If you find yourself going through Chengdu, I would highly recommend "The Loft." Easily over 90 out of 100! I can talk about the hostel in Changshan later if this topic becomes popular enough.

Your turn, what are your favorite hostels in China and why?