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haha , i no see one person ,anwser ,oh my god !!!martial arts
The spirit of martial arts, what is the guiding principle of it? What is the greatest spiritual? It is worth our consideration!

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本网讯】2013年1月14 日,奥地利MBH银行高管团(Raiffeisenbank Murau e Gen)二十位高管经理赴奥地利维也纳少林文化中心,参加为期四小时的少林文化禅修体验课程
The network news ] in January 14, 2013, Austria MBH bank executives group ( Raiffeisenbank Murau e Gen ) twenty executives manager went to Austria Vienna Shaolin culture center, for a period of four hours of Shaolin Zen meditation course

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Beyond comprehension

-- Recorded Dialogues of Weikuan,
from Amalgamation of the Sources of the Five Lamps, vol. 3

Someone asked Zen Master Weikuan, “Do dogs have Buddha-nature?” Weikuan replied, “Yes.” The man then asked, “Do you have it, Master?” The Master replied, “I don’t.” The man said, “All living creatures have Buddha-nature, why is it that you don’t?” The Master replied, “I’m not part of all living creatures.” The man asked, “If you are not part of all living creatures, are you Buddha himself?” “No, I’m not Buddha himself.” The man persisted, “Then what thing are you?” “I’m not a thing,” came the reply. The man said, “Whatever you are – can it be seen? Is it something one can comprehend?” The Master replied, “It can neither be attained through an effort of the mind, nor can it be encompassed through discourse. It is beyond comprehension.”

One perceives here the possibility of a mind-game in which the questioner is trying to force the Master into an admission (a) that he makes no distinction between a man and a dog, or (b) that he has much in common with a dog, or indeed with any living creature, or (c) that if he refuses to be identified with a dog, then he may be guilty of a hubristic claim to be identified with Buddha himself, or (d) that he is nothing. The Master’s answers indicate dissociation from the suggested identifications so that an independent description of an individual’s Buddhahood can be posited. Here one sees a Zen Master’s manoeuvre at divergent thinking as a counter for a game of logic.

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Chan Wu homology

Release date: 2011-12-07

Shi Yan Wang

Speaking of Shaolin Kung Fu, we will be very proud to say: it is Chan wu. It has double meaning, one for the Zen and Takemoto as one of the two is the Zen, Wu attribute, namely " Zen wu ". That is to say, the Shaolin Kung Fu is Zen as the theoretical basis, and Zen is the Buddha Dharma. Boundless Buddhist, Zen is infinite, broad and profound Buddhism and Zen Shaolin Kung Fu backing, why worry about not prosperous. This is the " Shaolin Kung Fu Mingyangtianxia " is the main reason.

Say why " Chan and Wu this as a whole ". The first is Chan Wu homology. A source in the Shaolin, namely Chan and Wu also originated in the central mountain Songshan Rufeng five in front of the Shaolin Temple. So Shaolin Temple is Chinese Buddhism, is also the birthplace of Shaolin Kung fu. Chan and Wu was born here, have opportunity, this opportunity is Chan and Wu in common.

Buddhism originated in ancient India, was introduced into China after the combination with Chinese traditional culture, national culture and folk customs, gradually sinicized into " Chinese buddhism ". Chinese Buddhism has eight large, Zen is a Buddhist sect with Chinese characteristics. Founded Buddhism spread eastward and Zen, brought new blood to Chinese culture, the Chinese culture in history has reached its peak, and the Zen poetry, Zen painting, Zen Buddhism, Zen Music, sculpture, architecture, and show the charm of zen. Chinese martial arts have already, based on the original arena and health, and more in the chivalrous person, hermit and military people.

When the traditional Chinese martial arts and Chinese Zen combined, a new genre of martial arts of Shaolin Kung Fu -- natural born.

The two is the source of life. The Buddhist said, live, sitting, lying is Zen practice, eat, dress, and sleep that is zen. Shaolin Zen in Wu, the Wu Zen; boxing martial arts since ancient times for the Shaolin Temple monks of daily life, for every day of the required course, like eating, dressing, bed as usual and important. Martial arts is the Shaolin monks meditation practice. At the same time, the Shaolin monks and Shaolin disciples in meditation practice martial arts at the same time, get inspiration from life, learning to life, creating works and moves, constantly improve, enrich the Shaolin Kung fu. As Damour was facing the wall when, often go outside exercise, stretch, this is the " Shaolin " muscle-bone strengthening exercise in both hands day potential, kinnara king every day cooking and realize " Shaolin stick ", and the rope whip, grass sickle, shovel, his staff, both for work and life tools, and as the Shaolin monks used weapon.

Three are derived from natural. Zen is a great wisdom, wisdom is the other side of the bridge access, is to realize a truth of cosmos and life practice, is the human and the natural communication. The Buddha said that all beings have Buddha nature. Everything in the world, five poultry livestock, animals and plants are all part of life the universe, have one thing in common, this feature is Buddha nature. The human to the natural, return to nature, the world everything is so. The Shaolin monks of Shaolin disciples and observation of nature in the meditation of martial arts, Yu, seek development in nature. As the body movements and functional characteristics of animal, the creation of a large number of outstanding, the classical power law and routines, such as the five Shaolin boxing, is the sense of nature.

Four is the source from the heart. The biggest characteristic of Zen is a Wu word. How to understand? From the heart to understand. Damour was facing the wall for nine years, and understanding of Chinese zen. Method two Zhengzhou Brokeback, and realize the essence of Damour. The sixth patriarch Hui Master heard " by just by " " should not live, and its", " create a Zen epiphany ". Zen in Wu Shaolin Kung Fu, also pay attention to. In this regard, Shaolin Kung Fu is divided into two levels of physical and mental or two aspects. As long as people suffer martial arts, can long work. When the practice to a certain temperature, light is not hard, rely on understanding. Who 's intelligent, who can strive for further improvement, enter a new realm. This is the relationship between Wushu and the martial arts, martial arts. Martial arts to heal, martial arts, martial arts can rule, ancient generals marshal, most accessible Wu Xuewu road. This also is the life of Wu Xuewu avenue. So, practice of Zen Shaolin Kung Fu, can comprehend Zen, is unique to the Shaolin Temple Buddha dharma.

Here note, Xuewu savvy, wisdom is born. But the Buddha said that everyone has the Buddha nature, everyone has the wisdom. Is different with other after wisdom. As long as the heart, all beings are enlightened, can Buddhahood upon en lightenment. The same as long as diligent diligently, everyone can practice Shaolin Kung Fu master.

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