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traveling in Kazakhstan dring January ?
Posted November 9th, 2012 - 10:05 am by from Reze, France (Permalink)

İ actually need somes informations about your country which İ couldn't find after many recherchs one internet, that's why İ'm askıng here for your help.
İ'm actually ın a long road trıp from France to Nepal and I wanted to travel thought Kazakhstan, but at least I would be there in January. Do you thıng it's reasonable to travel around the country at thıs tıme (I saw ıt's gonna be -15). I would arrıve ın Aktau and leave the country ın Almaty.

Actually my questions are : ıs ıt possible to rent a car from Aktau to Almaty and for wıch prıce ? And, if not, how expensıv are buses or traın between cıtıes ? is it possible to find low prıces Hostels everywhere ? (I'm not sure to fınd couchsurfer ın every cıtıes) And the last one, because the most important think İ wanted to see in Kazakhstan was the Boat on Aral see, do you thınk ıt's possıble to spend some days there ?(or ıs ıt too wındy and to cold to enjoy it).

I would be glad to heard about somes experiences of yours. I know it's really not the best time to travel there and that's why İ need your opınıon to take my decısıon (other way İ wıll fınally go tought İran to reach Indıa)

Thank you already



Posted November 12th, 2012 - 1:29 am by from Tekeli, Kazakhstan (Permalink)
Salut !

it's really not the best time to travel. Usually January and February are the coldest months. In West / South KZ, it barely freaze (-10°C at worse), but in Almaty, you can have -30°C sometimes. If you are well equiped, it is possible though.
Don't expect to find easily car to rent, but this is very easy and cheap to travel with bus or train. Just be aware that soviet trains are slow (veeery slow) and that the country is huge, so you'll need few days to make the trip from Aktau to Almaty.
I met people who came to the Aral see. They told me that the KZ part is not very interesting compared to what can be seen in Uzbekistan. Most of the boat have been removed and sold for their metal. Anyway, I think you could find something interesting there!

If you need more information, contact me through my CS box, I don't come very often to this forum!

Have a good trip !

Posted November 12th, 2012 - 4:11 pm by from Balkhash, Kazakhstan (Permalink)
yeah it is gud idea to travel through KZ even in freezing winters, no way to rent a car, for such a long distance of over 2000km, let alone buses, cause it will be impossible in some parts of road to drive, better for u to travel partially by train from Aktau to Shimkent or Kizyl-orda, then to travel by bus or taxi till Almaty, more u go to south more warm climate await for u, train may cost u 50$ for 1000km, bus from Shimkent till Almaty about 40$ it is about 1000km as well

Posted November 12th, 2012 - 4:16 pm by from Balkhash, Kazakhstan (Permalink)
nepal u can reach, by flight from almaty to delhi, air astana, cost u 300$ one way, about Iran , it is very hard to gain visa for EU citizens, particually if u take ob account the political strains thh undermining tensioned situation over there, in adition visa is pretyy expensive to Iran

Posted November 27th, 2012 - 2:16 am by from Brattleboro, United States (Permalink)
Dear Anne,

I would recommend that you NOT visit in January/February. I used to live in Kazakhstan, and that time of the year is the worst time to be doing any traveling. Even traveling from my apartment to work via bus was not nice. You should try to visit another time of the year. In late March the weather gets warmer (1 degree C) and the snow beings to melt.