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Cameron Guglielmelli 
A few suggestions
Posted May 23rd, 2008 - 4:36 am by Cameron Guglielmelli from Milpitas, United States (Permalink)

I am excited to see this new group form. I love visiting the City yet, it is difficult to find a place that is trustworthy just from the outside. I am a plumber and have been in many kitchens in and around the Bay Area.

So, with all humility may I suggest the following:

Rate the establishment for the following

A.)Cooking Specialty and Ethnicity

B.)Price per person average (say how much you spent and on what.)

1. ($5.00-$10.00)
2. ($10.01-$25.00)
3. ($25.01-50.00)
4. $50.00+

C.) Do they accept credit cards, ATM, cash only, et?

D.) What meal or time you are recommending.

Happy Hour (please post happy hours)

E.) Cleanliness

1. Would eat on the floor
2. Very clean
3. Clean enough
4. Consider take away
5. Formerly a bathroom stall
6. Currently bathroom stall

F.) What you would recommend?

G.) Date of your last visit.

H.) How you discovered it.

These are not hard fast rules rather a courtesy so we are not sent to an establishment beyond our means and tastes. Feel free to add to these suggestions or subtract. But if you do please post them here so we can keep tabs on what might be used.

Thank you for this opportunity and I will scour this post when I head into the City.