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Posted September 10th, 2011 - 9:14 am by from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)
dear all,

as im really into movies and your cool town, im thinking about to go to the "cinefest" next weekend, because it sounds like fun :))))


are you planning any CS meetings, or just going together to concerts, performances, etc?

please, let me know..

cheers from the sunny Budapest!


my FB:

Posted September 10th, 2011 - 7:57 pm by from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)
Hi Adrienn,

Thanks for your post. It`s nice to hear that, the festival`s getting popular among people from other regions of Hungary.

We have a regular meeting on every Wednesday which is a club for all none Hungarian speakers, travellers and all those locals who just want to meet up people from different cultures. You can read about it more in the other topic( English Club see below pls). As far as I know, there`s no any organised cs meeting in Miskolc, although it`s like a cs meeting :)

As for me, I`m planning to watch many of the movies as well as attending a few concerts, parties. I`ll be hanging out with a few friends at the festival, if you feel like to join in, you`re more than welcome! :)



Posted September 12th, 2011 - 2:51 pm by from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)
hi László,

thanks for replying and the nice invitation:)))

i will pm you around thursday or smthg



Posted September 13th, 2011 - 7:43 pm by from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)
Hi Adrienn!
I'm trying to see the film "the help" at 5pm on saturday,
and probably try to go to as many cinefest events as possible this sat-sun!
Ill keep u posted

Posted September 13th, 2011 - 9:01 pm by from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)
hi Sarah,

thats great, we can go as a CS team then :)))

dear member of the Miskolc group, feel free to join :))

see you

Posted September 16th, 2011 - 4:33 pm by from Debrecen, Hungary (Permalink)

I'm from Debrecen and with some friends we will spend some time in Miskolc during the week-end, we are planning to go to this festival. So, if there will be someone from the group, I hope we can meet, it would be great ;).

Three of us have already an accommodation but it appeared that one guy (Italian and very nice ;)), still not. Can you advise a hostel or a cheap place to stay in Miksolc on Saturday night?
(It wouldn't be that nice to send many requests right now, it's too late, he decided to join us a little bit late.)

Thanks for your help and see you there! (on Saturday night and on Sunday - should I gave any contact, like phone number? Is there anybody interested?)

Posted September 16th, 2011 - 10:42 pm by from Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Permalink)

I will be there in Miskolc from tomorrow within the Cinefest for the Szots Istvan workshop... ;) So maybe we will meet. I will stay in a hotel in Miskolctapolca... I would like to ask if someone knows that is there some kind of hypermarket like Lidl, Aldi, Auchan, Tesco or Spar? Thx for the information!


Posted September 16th, 2011 - 10:53 pm by from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)

Tapolca is more like a tourist attraction, so you wont find any big shops there. But near to the University (that will be on your way) you can find the Lidl and one of the Tescos.
Easy to find them. Of course you can find shops at Tapolca too, but those are little more expensive than the others and probably close a little sooner too, but I'm not sure about that.

Have a nice time :)

Posted September 16th, 2011 - 10:56 pm by from Miskolc, Hungary (Permalink)

In Miskolctapolca there's no hypermarket, but on the way to it, right before the University of Miskolc / ~tapolca crossing you'll find Tesco and Lidl. In the end of Miskolc towards Budapest on the old road 3 you'll find Cora, in the other end towards Kassa/Košice you'll find Metro, Auchan, etc., in the end towards Kazincbarcika you'll find an other Tesco; in the downtown you'll find Interspar at the bottom of Szinvapark shopping mall along the tram line 1V/2V. And so on, for example there's an other but smaller Tesco in the downtown too, on the way to Diósgyőr city district. I hope it'll help even without further details =)

Enjoy Cinefest!
I wish a nice weekend for all of you! =)


Posted September 16th, 2011 - 11:01 pm by from Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Permalink)
Thx guys ;)

Posted September 17th, 2011 - 10:21 am by from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)
Dear CSers

I'm meeting some friends at 4.30 this afternoon (saturday) at the műveszetek háza.
When u face the building, there's a kind of antics or leather shop on the left of the building, we r meeting in front of this shop.
We would like to see the film at 5pm. No idea if we need invitations or anythg... we'll see!
Please join us if u feel like

See u