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Theme parties event group
Posted June 22nd, 2009 - 11:46 am by from Mumbai, India (Permalink)
Iam an hardcore CSer and i realise what if a traveler come to one country and get chance to get hosted and work there in clubbing event .

JOIN THE CS GROUP http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=19696

Iam launching a theme party event to crawl across various countries and Give CS travelers a place to hang around and may be even work with us .

I wanna call it a theme party train .

i have made a new group in CS please join it . For example if u want to follow rio carnival and join us in Indian or Scottish theme party with dress code in RIO carnival how fun and frolic that could be :) :) :)

below is description of TOXIC THEME PARTY

TOXIC!!!!!!!!!!! is a theme party event will be hosting hardcore party throughout India and Europe to start with. It’s not regular party where u gets in with cover charges and be with ur group and leave.
Toxic will have theme parties with an ambiance to get involve get going make new friends. Dance on the tunes.. Booze till you get bamboozled.
Toxic is much awaited party sequence. ToXic comprises of friendly hosts, games, awards and great Music.

Everyone is gone be given a sketch pens to do the graffiti on each other’s shirt and write what comes to your mind to every person in ur group and make new buddies .
So stop searching ur friends with plaster on broken bone to do graffiti, there is place where u can do graffiti on


(get noticed) or online poster faceBe a star for toxic while u party for toxic?????? Have u got in it to see you representing Toxic. To start with we will taking a poll search to become the face of toxic to represents us online. New poll will be conducted every week and we want everyone in group to participate poll for ur fav face to become one of the toxic online model.

So let’s make toxic lively and fun group .

Vivek Gupta