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Anybody want to moderate?
Posted May 9th, 2009 - 10:48 pm by from London, Canada (Permalink)
I'm heading off to seminary in September, which is excellent, except that it means some of my more exotic travel plans are unquestionably going to be struck from the record. Somaliland is definitely among these.

Ergo, I'm quitting the group.

My profile is desperately in need of some simplifying anyway, and I've got about fifty groups I'm quitting. This one, however, is complicated by the fact that I'm the moderator. And if I simply quit, the group's going to be left without a moderator.

When I created this group, I mostly created it because I felt that it should exist, and I had no intention of moderating it forever. I've never been to Somaliland, nor have any of my friends. My knowledge of Somali culture is feeble, to say the least, and the same is true of my knowledge of travel in Africa generally. The idea from the beginning was that I'd pass along moderating duties to someone who actually knew the place when I had the opportunity.

If someone is interested, let me know either here or through the CS mail system, and I'll make you the moderator before I leave. If no one expresses a direct interest, I'll make an executive decision about passing on the mantle within a couple of weeks.

Moderating grants almost no power. You can kick people out of the group if they're unruly, but you can't prevent them from rejoining. And you can't delete or modify other people's posts, or even your own. It's more of a symbolic thing. By moderating the group you put yourself in a position where people who want to know things about Somaliland or Couch Surfing may come to you with questions. In the past half-year or so, I've gotten three requests for information. You certainly can't expect to be inundated.


Benjamin A. Vazquez, U.E.

Posted May 17th, 2009 - 9:36 am by from London, England (Permalink)
If you get no other volunteers, then I can do it. Although, I only come to this website once every couple of months, so won't be able to be active on the group (i.e. replies might be quite delayed). Far better if you can find somebody actually living there. I have visited a few times for work, but have now moved responsiblities so won't be going back there.