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Medical advise
Posted January 20th, 2013 - 11:52 am by from Karachi, Pakistan (Permalink)
Assalam u Alaykum brothers and sisters. I was searching fb and google and found that "hemp oil", cannabis, etc., are effective natural cures for cancer. I am seeking good natural ingredients for cancer treatment, especially if it's prostate cancer that has spread to bones.

I've been reading a lot about the conventional treatment for cancer and found out that it's not very effective. Cure ratio is minimal, whereas Americans have found a very effective treatment in "hemp oil", etc.

Can anyone enlighten me about what is hemp oil, cannabis, etc., and how they could be procured locally, what would these things be called in local language? I have read that it's not "charas", as i first thought it was, but something from a similar plant. Charas, Hemp, Cannabis, Mariuana etc., are not same but the plant family is same.

The patient is elderly so i am afraid conventional treatment may not be so effective.

May Allah swt give peace, prosperity and health to all. JazakAllah.

Posted February 8th, 2013 - 10:01 am by from Krakow, Poland (Permalink)
I dont know if you still need medical advice, but in this case, i would recommend to try apricot seed that contains vitamin B17./ you can google this

Posted February 8th, 2013 - 10:58 am by from Islamabad, Pakistan (Permalink)
Cannabis is referred to in local language as "Bhang" ( بھنگ ) in local language. It grows as a wild plant in northern Pakistan (starts from outskirts of Islamabad and onwards in galiyat and is visible on roadsides in galiyaat & up untill Shogran Valley).

But I do not think sale / purchase of this plant is legal, and in local culture they make a drink out of it, called "Ghota" or simply "Bhaang / Bhang" which is intoxicating in nature.

I cannot vouch for it, but, I have read that Marijuana & Cannabis are helpful in absorbing pain & fatigue related to Chemotherapy.... i.e. not a direct cure for cancer, but only helpful in coping with after effects of Chemotherapy.

Above was one of the major reasons for legalizing Marijuana for medical usage in California (can some one shed more light on it ?). So please do your research before you advise someone to take it.

I am not sure what Hemp Oil would be referred to in local language, but if you search it / google it you might find the answer.

Posted February 8th, 2013 - 12:51 pm by from Karachi, Pakistan (Permalink)
Thanks Kinga and Mohammad, appreciate your advice. I know that Bhang is available and widely used in interior Sindh, like Dadu. I once went to Dadu and my host was not only making it but also people were drinking it as if it's common.

I was thinking that Hemp or Cannabis is Charas. But if Cannabis is Bhang, than Hemp oil would be the oil extracted from the seeds of the bhang plant? Maybe bhang and charas are the same plants?

Apricot seeds, carrot juice with beet (chukandar), many more natural cures. I've been reading a lot on this topic and discussing on various sites with people who have used natural alternative treatments. Mostly people are satisfied with results. Awareness is spreading worldover!

Thanks again!!!

Posted February 8th, 2013 - 1:07 pm by from Karachi, Pakistan (Permalink)

I have read a lot that "hemp oil" and/or "cannabis oil" is being used successfully in USA for cancer treatment. Hemp Oil is available as a medical product in USA. The reason i don't understand the details is that Americans use their own words for various herbs and plants whereas in our country the same herb or plant may be known quite differently. But one thing i was able to understand is that hemp oil is made from seeds of some kind of plant of the marijuana (charas?) family. I'll send you some links by PM.

Since it's for medical use, and for my father, i hope you or anybody can help me find more about this seed, where can i find them, especially people who have knowledge about the charas, hemp, cannabis, etc., plants, and their names in USA and in Pakistan.

Herbal treatment should not be undermined. A friend of mine was diagnosed with Hepatitis C around 15 years ago. Doctors gave a minimal survival chance. His brothers and cousin had already died from this illness. Some of his relatives had already been infected. They all lived in the same house.

He took a herbal treatment and got well in a little time and even had a child after that. Intimacy is strictly prohibited for Hep C positive patients. He's healthier than ever now!

Many people in USA have been treated successfully with hemp oil. AIDS is being treated successfully with herbs in Africa.

I just spoke with a phatan friend who lives near the tribal areas. He told me tribal people use the seed of the charas plant as a cure for many illnesses, mainly by boiling them but also some other recipes. He was using some pushto words like doda, etc., which i didn’t understand. I think that instead of wasting time i'll just try to find charas plant seeds and try to extract oil from them.

Conventional people mainly believe in conventional things, so nobody in my family supports me in these things, but i think no harm in trying these remedies especially since conventional doctors have told that there is no treatment (conventionally) for bone cancer.

Don't read just the text in the images, there's a lot of information under the images, just click on "see more".




https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=382527748502015&set=a.302411116513679.72793.263193930435398&type=1 (i think juice of cabbage is good too, for cancer treatment, and guanaba, and shareefa fruit, etc.).




for colds but for cancer too:


for colds but for cancer too:






processed with heat, they say it's better than other hemp oils:




i have heard that treatment of cancer using hemp is not painful, recovery ratio and time is much better than conventional treatments.


















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