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Language Schools
Posted October 31st, 2012 - 7:54 pm by from Vasteras, Sweden (Permalink)
Hi my name is Petra and I'm planning on going to Sapporo January-March to study Japanese.

I've tried to find good language schools over the internet that have short term courses not just over the hollidays, but their websites have limited information. I'm having a hard time finding references from former students.

So far I'm looking in to Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo (JLI) and Sapporo Nihongo Gakko (SIL)

I was wondering if anyone in this group has attended either of these schools or other similar ones in Sapporo or knows anyone who has.

Generaly any information about language schools in Sapporo will be helpful. Happy Students? Less happy students? Pros and Cons. Schools I should absolutely not attend?

Thanks in advance and I hope I'll meet some of you when I go there in January.

All the best!


Posted November 2nd, 2012 - 3:28 pm from Sapporo, Japan
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Posted November 10th, 2012 - 12:02 pm by from Vasteras, Sweden (Permalink)
Thanks for the tip, I haven't decided which school I'll attend yet but I'm definately going to Japan. :)

Posted November 13th, 2012 - 2:41 am by from Sapporo, Japan (Permalink)
I went to JLI for 18 months. And it definitely gets worse the longer you stay there. So much so that it is in the "do not attend" category. But I will be fair and say my first 6 months were fantastic. And most of the teachers were awesome.

They were hampered by a system that is designed to get Asian (Chinese and Korean) students to pass the JLPT test. They didn't care about conversation and general talking (I use the past tense because it was 6 years ago and things may have changed - I am doubtful but maybe??).

Two examples that made me furious.

Every couple of months you have to do a test to progress to the next stage. I wasn't ready to progress, I knew it, the teachers knew it and I wanted to repeat. So I deliberately made zero effort on the test. A complete waste of time. Hoping to drop back and repeat. However they made me PAY and re-sit the test.

They said if I studied the test I could pass the re-sit. And indeed it was true. The re-sit test was pretty much identical to the original. If I had just remembered the ordered of the multi choice answers I would have passed. But that wasn't the point, I didn't want to pass. I wanted to repeat. So I paid, failed again and then got to repeat. Fuming.

Second and most infuriating. The website in 2006 made mention of class size being between 12-16. Class size was consistently over 20. When I bought this to Principle's attention (we had 2 classes at the same point in the text book, could easily of made a 3rd class and made everyone happy). By the time I got home the website had been reworded to say classes were around 20 students. The principle asked me where would he get a teacher for the third class. (He had a staff room full of teachers looking for more work, the school also trained new teachers). When I said he could give one them a job, he replied that he couldn't they weren't good enough. No experience.

My question is what kind of school has such little faith in its program that they can't give a graduate a job?

But in saying all that - the first months were awesome, before the faults could be observed, and as you are only going for a few months you may enjoy it too.