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Visa for China
Posted November 20th, 2012 - 10:52 pm by from Dursley, England (Permalink)
Hello Paul.
Thought I would drop you a line as you have experience with Chinese visas.
I am flying to Bangkok on January 3rd with my bike and cycling through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos although not necessarily in that order before entering China.
I have a return flight booked through Srilankan airlines form Beijing on May 31st.
The problem is the visa.
If I obtain a visa prior to departure it will expire before I get to use it or very soon after, even if it is a 90 day visa.
I am not sure what date I will enter China yet although it will be around March or early April I think.
I could enter via Vietnam or Laos depending on where I can get a visa.
It's hard to find hard and fast information that I can verify.
Any ideas ?
I shall be taking a tent but can also use hostels/hotels if and when necessary.
Many thanks

Posted November 20th, 2012 - 11:13 pm by from Johns River, Australia (Permalink)
>>Hello Andy
>>Assuming u r a UK passport holder, if you get a 3 month single entry visa in the UK, I think you will find you get 3 months to enter China, so you'd have to leave it to the last minute before leaving the UK and the office will be closed a lot so not perfect timing then you will have the 3 months in China. I applied on a UK passport a year ago and there was a notice saying the visa started from the date of issue but I am sure I had 90 days to commence, but as I am not travelling on my UK passport at the moment I cannot check.
>>Alternative: pay a little more and get a dual or multiple entry visa which can be used right up to the date of the last entry, for a period equal to the maximum time permitted on that visa. I think the max stay is now 2 months per entry but you can try asking for three months. So if you arrange to be in the south the end of 2 months you can make a 1 hour trip into HK or Macau and come back in and have your next 2 months...or you could do that after say 1 month and then have 2 months, so three in total.
>>And remember, you can get two further 30 day visas while inside China...see how in Travelchinaguide.com visa section
>>Getting visas in countries where u r not a resident is more difficult (sometimes impossible) and usually limited to 1 month.
>>I suggest you email one of the fee for service private visa agencies in the UK (NOT the visa issuing agency itself) and ask them too...one of them answered my questions OK
>>Regards Paul.

Posted November 20th, 2012 - 11:16 pm by from Johns River, Australia (Permalink)
Below is Andy's follow up Qu and my reply

On the chinese embassy visa website in the UK it says that the visa is valid for 30 days and you can enter any time up to the last hour of that 30 days, but the visa is valid from the time of issue for 30 days. Therefore I would need to leave by the 30th day after issuing, not 30 days after entry, which is what I think you are inferring.
>I have posted my original question as you suggested.
>If it is possible to get a 90 day visa that may work out as long as I can extend it while within China.
>I know about the local security offices extending visas, but would they do it if I already had a 90 day visa ? That is the problem.
>I hear about people getting them in Vientiane and Hanoi but would obviously like to know for sure before I go.


As I said I got a 90 day visa last year and it said in the office what you say it said on the website, BUT I'm sure it was wrong (such is the way things are in/with China!)and I actually had 90 days to arrive...and then had a 90 day visa. I just cannot believe there is only a 30 day visa and to start it from the date of issue is nonsense, and it is out of character with the way they have always operated.

Again try a UK visa business and ask them, you don't have to use them :).

You can definitely get 2 new 30 day tourist visas in China (they are technically not extensions): it makes no difference that you have already been there for 3 months, or 12 months (on some visa types).

As always: anyone else able to help, someone who has recently obtained a visa in the UK????