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Solstice at America's Stonehenge, 6/21/9
Posted June 19th, 2009 - 11:50 pm by from Cambridge, United States (Permalink)

Dear friends of the solstice,

I am excited to announce the 15th annual summer solstice ritual at America's Stonehenge. The theme is 'bringing forth abundance in times of global scarcity'.
One big change is that Valerianna is not participating this year due to some changes in the course of events. I will miss her since she has been doing this with me for 8 years. I would like to welcome Ann Sousa who I have worked with intensely through the work of Malidoma Some and who has a lot to bring and who is also more local.
See the attachment for the solstice info. I hope to get it soon posted on my website.
You will be hearing from me as we will be rallying for volunteers.
I am looking forward to seeing you back at Stonehenge this year.

The fifthteenth annual
Summer Solstice Celebration
at America’s Stonehenge
Sun. June 21, at 2:00 pm

America’s Stonehenge, located just over the border in New Hampshire, is a big megalithic complex constructed over 4000 years ago. It is about one hour drive from Boston. The site consists of stone walls, chambers and standing stones that are aligned to the equinoxes and solstices.

The solstice is a turning point. It marks the longest day in the year when the sun has reached its furthest point to the north before it starts its journey to the south again. It is the time when the sun is at its utmost strength and when the earth is opening to her full creativity, vulnerability and expression. It is in this moment of fullest light that we become aware of the change it foretells.

The intention of this year’s ritual is to bring forth abundance. We gather to reset the old story line of scarcity, lack and poverty and rewrite the story through the ancestral lines and anchor it in our bones.
Our Earth Mother is a generous being, constantly listening and responding. She has her own rhythms and cycles and at the summer solstice she comes to her fullest expression. As we celebrate this aspect of the season we like to see that reflected in our own lives as well, particularly in these times. However millennia of gradual disconnection with the earth have created a global scarcity that is deeply ingrained in our cultural make-up. We are all in lesser or more degree born with this cultural imprint of scarcity.
According to the Dagara people in Africa we are in a mineral year. Mineral is about our stories, our bone knowledge and deep ancestral memories. It is about communication, ideas and creative thinking. It is about remembering our original instructions of why we are here in this lifetime. It is a call to purpose.
Katja Esser and Ann Sousa guide you through this very participatory ritual where we focus on bringing forth abundance in times of global scarcity. We gather on the Mother, to nurture and anchor our primal connection with her. We work with the healing waters of grief for our ancestors. The ancestors will then call for the abundance and resetting to happen. We become the vigilant trackers and magicians of our minds that live by the new story of abundance.
We ask that you come with a coin, a walnut size rock you are willing to part with and flowers.
Also this year we will create a colorful procession through the site. We encourage you to carry banners or flags that symbolize unity and abundance with the earth. Let your outfit be an expression of your abundance already in existence.

This ritual is highly participatory and it is quite a production. We need your involvement during and before the ritual! Please come early to help to decorate the shrine with flowers, to set up the archways and the ritual space. We will be arriving around 11:00 AM to begin setting up the space. Helping brings your energy to the ritual. By 1.30 PM we will explain the details of the event.
We need drummers and singers to keep the energy up. Drummers please meet with us at 1.00 PM so we can review the ritual with you. We also like gatekeepers who escort people into the ritual space. We need shrine keepers who work with the water shrines and help people shed the old story. Please be in contact with us prior to the day of the ritual so we can talk you through the process.

Gathering time for the ritual is 1:30 PM; please come early: Please arrive in the parking lot by 1.15 PM, so you may hike to the site. At the site at 1.30 PM you will get a layout of the event and your part in it. It is a collective experience.

What to bring: Your flowers with showy heads, your coin, your rock, drums and bells if you have them, natural bug repellent, raingear, and potluck food with your own plate, cup and flatware to prevent further accumulation of garbage. Bring a snack and water for before the ritual because it lasts a while. Leave your potluck food in the car until after the ritual, just make sure it stays cool.

Location and cost: America’s Stonehenge is privately owned but is open to the public. The entry fee is $9.50 for adults (check for detailed rates). In addition there is a suggested $5 donation per adult at the ritual site to cover expenses. America’s Stonehenge stays open till sunset on the Solstice. The celebration is followed by lively music. For details go to www.stonehengeusa.com .
This is an open ritual. We encourage children to come, as long they are accompanied by an adult. Bring a friend and please pass this information on.

Who to call: Please contact Katja at 617 365 4024 or Ann Sousa at 978 479 1335 if you want to volunteer. Email: katjacreates@ritualexpressions.com or annsousa@yahoo.com Check out Katja's web site www.ritualexpressions.com

Directions: From I 93, take exit 3 in NH, take Rte 111 East (app. 5 mi.,) to Island Pond and Haverhill Rds. (there will be a sign here for America’s Stonehenge on your right). Follow Haverhill Rd. south to entrance. The earlier you come the more chance there is to park close to the building.