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Trip on the Alaskan? ;-), anyone interested, all the way to Alaska and at least Yukon!
Posted March 6th, 2010 - 9:46 pm by from Laurenan, France (Permalink)
Hi there!
I am in Canada for a year on a working holiday visa and want to discover as much as possible and meet people! see my profile for more ;-)

I would love to discover that region dearly! I dont know exactly how though as I am traveling alone and dont really see myself doing that trip on my own ;-)
Krabel, you say you drive the highway from time to time and took the ferry...I would rideshare if you still do it I d love to do that!
and also, Adrem, you say you d like to host non canadian, well here you go, I am french, from Brittany but lived the last 15 yrs in Ireland

Guys, I realise I am not precise at all about what I want to do, I just would love to go up that road!so I am asking for suggestions!
Every little help appreciated!

ps : if someone is thinking about sharing car, that would be great / also I am looking for a job in travel, hospitality or any kind of job otherwise really ;-) , just chancing it!!! ;-)))

Posted March 8th, 2010 - 5:02 am by from Brisbane, Australia (Permalink)
hi Estelle,

My name is Nigel. I am driving from Whistler to Dawson creek milepost 0 all the way to Yukon, Whitehorse and up to Dawson City and Fairbanks then back down to Anchorage and all the way down to Vancouver again. I will be leaving Whistler on the 29th March and heading north. At the moment I have my friend who will come from anchorage back down south but no one really solid on coming up north to fairbanks. I have set my van up to sleep in with a double mattress but have a seat for one other person. I plan to couch surf on the way on when necessary but i imagine there are places I will just need to sleep in my van thus the mattress. Where are you located at the moment. I made communicatino with Dan and Jen the Alaskan Group moderators to plan to surf with them in Dawson Creek where I start the alcan and they told me of your post. Let me know what you think?

Posted March 8th, 2010 - 1:48 pm by from Calgary, Canada (Permalink)
I'll be heading north this summer, my schedule and destinations are open ended. I'd like to hit the coastal towns though, kayaking and sailing are my main interests right now. I do intend to hike also though, maybe the Chilkoot. I bought a newer model passenger van a few months ago and am currently traveling in the US right now. I'll be back in Canada, the Vancouver\Victoria region, in a few weeks. I'll be heading north in June sometime, likely from Calgary, Alberta. I've been to the Yukon and Alaska a few times in my life. I worked at a hotel in the Yukon for a few summers in my early 20's. I'd suggest, if you have a chance, get a motorcycle, that's by far the coolest way to see the north. I'll be driving this time, but was fortunate to ride through Alaska and the Yukon in August a few years back. If your hip for a traveling companion, maybe we could work something out. I prefer to camp and hostel. Couchsurfing hasn't worked great for me thus far. My traveling style doesn't allow for lots of concrete planning. The community has been great for advice, but trying to find a couch in a days notice has proved mostly futile for me. Any further thoughts on your northern quest?

Posted March 8th, 2010 - 6:53 pm by from Laurenan, France (Permalink)
Gary and Nigel, thank you for your posts, sounds great, maybe a bit early at end of march for me, still have to define what I d like to do but I am pretty open to all as I just want to hit the road in that direction wherever it takes me, I love the road trip idea so much!
I am waiting for an answer for a job in the next days so I ll know better after that, i definitly keep you posted as soon as...
getting all excited about the idea! Alas, I dont drive motorcycle, i know it could be the coolest way..but I am indeed looking for travel companions, it makes it more fun and easy so yes, we could try to work something out!
Thanks again and watch this thread, I ll be back soon with more info
cheers guys and take care

Posted March 8th, 2010 - 7:00 pm by from Laurenan, France (Permalink)
Also, I d like to take the ferry at some point, still have to check where I can take it , up until where, i know someone posted that he took it before, would you have those info for me?
I d love to see wildlife, the coast is good for that and I would be keen on doing water sports even though I am quite a beginner (did Kayak but couldnt say I am experienced), very poor at sailing (even though I am from Brittany in France, land of the sailors !) but I am up for anything, also, I love the coast for its small sea towns and their atmosphere
I d love to experience dog sliding once and see Grizzly bears (in a safe manner ;-))) )

Just a few idea thrown there
I am getting warmed up, that s cool ;-)
Keep you posted as soon as I have news from job

Posted March 8th, 2010 - 11:09 pm by from Whitehorse, Canada (Permalink)
Here's the Alaska Marine Highway System web site:

I find it a bit difficult to understand but once you get to figure out the schedule, you can plan a route.

Posted July 31st, 2012 - 12:34 pm by from Kelowna, Canada (Permalink)
I am looking to head to Alaska any time after August 15th and before September 9th. I am currently living in Oyama, BC and am pretty flexible (i think) as to where i can meet you. I am heading to Shambhala until August 15th so i will be in Salmo/Nelson area if that makes anything easier.
I am of course looking for the cheapest route possible, so if you would want to hitch until it gets harder to hitch then bus i am down with that!
Let me know, my friend!