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My Infos about saftey
Posted December 25th, 2008 - 8:07 pm by from Cape Town, South Africa (Permalink)
I heard a lot from locals:

- criminals use knifes and fire arms and go for cash, jewellery and mobiles
- pickpockets everywhere on parties
- don't show jewellerey on the streets or camera/cash whatever
- look around, take care like just in any other city too
- DON'T walk alone or small groups up the hills/mountains
- robbers often come from behind and front without you realizing it
- locals get robbed too

Haven't had a big problem yet except almost my mobile stolen on a party. police or security won't do too much about it.

But in general the city is safe if you follow basic guidelines. Have never been in a dangerous situation here.

Posted December 26th, 2008 - 9:21 pm by from Malmo, Sweden (Permalink)
How long have you been in Cape Town?

I'm going to a exchange study program there, and honestly i'm a bit worried. I'm going to be all alone so i can't really travel with groups anywhere utill i meet some people.

Posted February 20th, 2010 - 4:21 pm by from Tofo, Mozambique (Permalink)
Don't worry too much, (this is the city center and surrounds).
I currently live in Cape Town. The basics of most cities applies, find out where not to go, be aware, wearing expensive jewelry or watches is making yourself target. A hint for walking around is look like you know where you're going. Oh yes on a side note, learn the traffic patterns cause if you wait for the little green man at the traffic lights you're gonna be standing a long time also when it turns green watch out for the turning cars.

If you walk around during the day most of the city is safe. Generally daytime you can walk by yourself. If it gets dark I would suggest a cab unless you are staying in Long Street and partying there. If you're up in the surrounding suburbs a taxi is fine (it's also a hell of a walk up the mountain and not very fun after a few beers) or large group as long as you stick to the main roads.

Don't be scared off by the crime stats you read all over the show. You see there is a place called the Cape Flats which has some of the most hectic gangs around but by simply not going there you don't have to worry. That is where most of our violent crime stats come out of.

Posted February 20th, 2010 - 6:05 pm by from Hasselt, Belgium (Permalink)
Thanx for that, James. I'm going to Cape Town alone at the end of March and I was a bit concerned. I'll heed your advice!

Posted January 24th, 2011 - 7:49 am by from London, England (Permalink)
I have lived in Cape Town for over 22 years and have not encountered any of the problems you listed.

Cape Town is home to 3-5 million people (depending on how you categorise the surrounding areas), so like any large city, crime would naturally exist, but no where near the extent that people/media portray. Most of the crime in the city takes place in the outskirts which form the informal settlements - however just like no tourist would visit Harlem in NYC, you should not explore areas such as the Cape Flats / Khayelitsha / Nyanga. Furthermore, Cape Town's geography is not like that of tight European cities - you would literally have to drive 25-30 minutes from the city centre to encounter those areas - so don't fear about stumbling upon them by mistake.

The last time I encountered crime was in Rome, Italy.