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Welcome to the new group
Posted October 26th, 2008 - 1:50 pm by from Hannover, Germany (Permalink)
Hi Philip,
welcome and a big hug to the new group. The idea is to write your own poems in a language you like or recite the poems you like best and tell what they mean to you and why.
The initiation of this came to me when I found in another very active group the members write about politics more and more and the whole thing started disturbing me because it lead to nothing. You cannot make friends with American people by telling them you know more more about their politicians than they themselves, you can only give an odd impression of your own person and the quarrel will inevitably start right away. Please be aware of the following: I will not discuss politics or religion or sex.
Everybody has got the right to live his life as he likes it and telling other people what they should do is just wasting time and raising quarrels.
In this world we may sometimes need a quiet place to turn to, watch the beauty of a landscape, listen to music or find a poem, which suites our feelings.

Posted December 1st, 2008 - 4:11 pm by from Hannover, Germany (Permalink)
Hi Val,
a warm welcome to the new group, a big hug and maybe you have got a certain poem you like to share? I would be very glad to get your news.
Best regards,

Posted December 8th, 2008 - 6:13 pm by from Welwyn Garden City, England (Permalink)
Hello poetry lovers,
I was the poet laureate during my years of working in Leisure. For big and small occasions I wrote stuff.

This was one such...

2 years in job

To those who’ve tolerated
Val, with dreams she has created
listened while she was elated
though enthusiasm grated
as awareness she still stated
was important. Some still hated
her ideas sometimes related
to her job while she berated
lousy pay that she was fated
not assertive and belated
in her attitudes still dated
still naive and still unmated
Impatiently you waited
while her thoughts co ordinated.

Leisure gathering at The Forum 24th September 1986

Posted December 8th, 2008 - 6:17 pm by from Welwyn Garden City, England (Permalink)
I am a free spirit..and often subject to other people's criticism...

I am who I am

There are seldom the people to listen
There are always the people to shout
There are always the people with judgement
Who know just what Life’s all about
who will tell you about your behaviour
your feelings are just juvenile
The pain, though acute, will soon lessen
So you’d better be brave and just smile.
It’s discomforting when you are tearful
untidy when you get morose
uncanny when you lose your sparkle
Keep functioning. Don’t get too close.

But sometimes a person will listen
and accept every feeling that’s there
and the time spent together is healing
as the feelings are laid very bare.
And the warmth and the touch of that person
gives comfort when nerves are still taut
when accepting and caring and sharing
reduces the anger so fraught.

I’m so glad you are one of these people
sensitive, soft, strong and rare
In a world fascinating not easy
We explore, as we’re brave and we dare.

Posted December 28th, 2008 - 8:32 pm by from Hannover, Germany (Permalink)
Hi Val,
welcome to our little group and I say, I love your poems, it´s like everyday living somehow and personal, special, too for me. I feel with you. During the previous weeks I had a bit of trouble with sending cs posts. Each time I clicked "Save Post" the connection just went down. CS disconnected. Since a few days I read all the posts again and I still have not read everything that was sent. Sorry I took so long.
For 2009 it is my intention to stay in touch and have a bit more communication. Even though I love to be in contact with "the world" I may at times be a little introvert.
A very Happy New Year, better health, always friends who understand without being told and all the best for you,
take good care of yourself,