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These eyes will cry no more
Posted June 21st, 2009 - 1:53 am by from Hannover, Germany (Permalink)
These eyes will cry no more
This is the last tear dropping from my lashes,
yes it is, your gone and I will soon forget,
my love for you is cooling in the ashes
and if I happen to see you again
I can’t help but ignore
to give my burning heart a rest
and help me get through the pain

Will you ever understand
how it felt to see that brown-eyed siren
fussing around you and kissing
only because she’d just seen I’d fallen for you.
Once before she jumped on the other guy
Off whom I could not take my eye

What is this? A competition?
Finding out how many she could lay?
I’m not in this – let me get out
Using men for self-affirmation
A touch, a kiss and then you play
The game until you shout

Does she need this, does it the trick?
Satisfaction pure and quick
Getting the man another one wanted
I can’t beat this – never wanted
to use my charms as a weapon in the battle
of love – my body’s not a battle-ship
but only a shape for my thoughts
Love has gone sour now

How much unbearable emptiness must one person feel,
to lit a small fire from another one’s passion?
Will this broken heart ever heel
Or will it stay lost in action?

Why can’t I forgive and forget?
Too many questions and no answers.
The ego hurts and wants revenge
Though this has no sense – nothing good comes of it
Something demanding inside of me
Wants to hurt someone like I was hurt
As I don’t manage I still suffer
Let me get out of here – set me free!

Ingrid Merkmal 2009-06-19

Me, working on a problem, not rhyming and rhyming just as they come to my head.

Have a nice weekend,