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Buy all kind of second hand / used books " SOUK AL AZBAKIA "
Posted June 25th, 2012 - 8:20 am by from Cairo, Egypt (Permalink)
Hello Dear friends!,

▶▶It would be my pleasure to invite all of you for special day "Souk

EL-Azbakya" to buy all kind of second hand/used book!.!!!!.

▶New books might be shiny, but there’s something about old books that

carry a certain charm. Whether it is a rare copy t...hat isn’t in the

market anymore or a 1930s signed copy of an old novel; what they hide

between their covers may surprise the buyer, as would finding a whole

market in Cairo dedicated to used books.


▶▶What's the Souk EL-Azbakia??!!◄◄

# Souk El Azbakia is a literary mine for anyone that enjoys

treasure-hunting. The name is a reference to the market’s original

location in Cairo, which changed several times due to constructional

changes and the problems that threatened the market’s demise. Luckily,

the market has survived for almost a century now and is sitting today in

front of Cairo’s Puppet Theatre in Ataba Square, where a Metro station

exit can get you straight inside.

# Souk El Azbakia is not just

for academic researches or thick-glasses readers; this market has a

little something for everyone: multilingual books, recent international

magazine issues, and even decade-old Egyptian kids’ comics such as

Magalet Mickey can be found in this authentic place.


√ √♨ Our Mission isn't easy !!!!!♨ :)

# A walk through the budget-friendly market takes time: for one thing,

it contains more than a hundred little shops, and the searching process

isn’t going to be easy if you’re not looking for a specific book. If

you’re lucky, the shop owner will stop with his questions and leave you

to take a look at the enormous stacks of dusty used books, carefully

balanced on top of each other. Don’t leave an inch of the shop

unsearched; a fast glance is not enough, as your target may be found

under a chair or hiding behind a rack.

# Nothing can get in the

way of a shop owner determined to help a customer find a certain book.

If he doesn’t have your book, he will recommend another place or order

it for you. If you look like you’re really interested in finding a rare

book; he’ll tell you of someone who knows ‘a guy’ that can get you a

half-priced rare or even recently banned copy.


√ √What will you buy and what is the price??!!,

# Since the books are used, most of them are not in great condition.

Prices are cheaper, but not always cheap; so make sure to ask about the

book’s original price before heading to the market so as not to be

deceived. Prices start from as low as 1LE to 200LE for classics,

original scripts or encyclopaedias.



√√ Important Advice!!:

# There are no price tags; so the pricing mainly depends on the

salesman’s mood and what he thinks you can pay!. Therefore, never take

their word as absolutely final; or you could end up buying a torn

Nicholas Sparks novel for 50LE. Bargaining is key here; try your best to

reduce the price, and if that doesn’t work; pretend that you’re

leaving: the owner wouldn't let you go away that easy, and he will

eventually relent. :) :)


▶ ▶▐▐ Meeting point ▶ ▶ 2 Stages

▶ From( 6:30 pm Till 6:45 pm ) at Saad Zaghloul Metro Station.

in front of The Ticket office

▶ From ( 7:00 pm Till 7:15 pm ) in front of Ibrahim pasha statue ,Attaba metro station


▐ The question is : who's in?!!! :)▐

Best regards for all :) ...... C U there!! :)



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