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Designer on the Walz
Posted April 5th, 2013 - 12:02 am by from Bremen, Germany (Permalink)
Hey everyone,

first of all, variations of this post might pop up in quite a few different groups since there doesn't seem to be an option to make something like a multi group thread (would be a great feature btw!)... so, sorry for that. This will also be a somewhat long post, but i hope (and think) that it is worth it. ;)

I am currently studying Digital Media / Media Design at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany, but I am done except for one last project. For that I wanted to do something personal and so I decided to do something rather unusual and go "on the Walz".

The Walz was a German tradition among craftsman dating back to medieval times and - to a limited extend - still persists up to this day. Back in the days a craftsman who had aspirations to become a master of his trade had to travel the world and work for a number of different master craftsmen in order to learn as many aspects of his trade as possible. Only then he was allowed to open his own workshop and train an apprentice.

So what I plan to do is to adapt that tradition and head out starting May. I have some money on the side to be able to travel and do some private projects as well, but to make this happen I also need some real work.
There are some obstacles though, with the biggest being that for a designer there does not exist the same infrastructure as for the building trades which means I am completely on my own when it comes to finding work and a place to stay... but this is where the internet and communities like couchsurfing will hopefully jump into the breach.

So let's get to the Details:

What I offer:

I will work for free... or at least almost. All I need in compensation is board and lodgings. I'm not picky so a couch will do or for all I care even a tent in the garden. ;)

Depending on the type and extend of work a little bonus to help me cover traveling expenses is course also always welcome (the goal is to end up with +-0€ in the end and not also losing money while working, but I fear that might be a little optimistic).

If you are doing any sort of creative work yourself (artist, designer, musician, photographer or even something like artist blacksmith...) and would be interested to collaborate for a project that would also be awesome. :)
In this case I wouldn't need any sort of compensation of course, but I place to crash would still be appreciated.

What I can do for you:

Web Design
- Design and develop modern websites (HTML5 / CSS3)
- Experience with fluid/ mobile design.
- Experience with Joomla (lots), Wordpress (some) and Drupal (just a little).

Print Design
- Flyer, Poster, maybe basic magazine stuff

- Portrait, Fashion, Product...
- Somewhat limited (especially when it comes to lighting) since I can carry just so much gear.

- Short Documentary, Music Video, Imagefilm...
- Also very limited due to gear (see photography - but also limited memory space and laptop performance)

I also have some experience in UI Design, Game Design, Interaction Design and loads of other stuff (just ask, maybe I can help ;)

You can also have a look at my website (mobile version will follow soon) to get a better idea of my work:


At least 6 months starting May 2013 (longer if it turns out to be a success and I don't run out of money because I have to cover everything by myself).
Timeframe for a single project could be from 5 days to 4 weeks or more.

I will limit this to Continental Europe for the beginning since I'm on a rather tight budget, but if there are interesting projects abroad I might consider them as well (if I can find an affordable flight).

This might be somewhat confusing for now so please ask away.
I'm currently working on a website for the project containing all the information and an FAQ. As a second part of the project I'm also planning to run a little Blog/Magazine with interviews and articles about local artists/designers and their work... but more about that later - I'll keep you posted.


Posted September 15th, 2013 - 1:01 pm by from Bremen, Germany (Permalink)
Hey there,

it's been a while and so I thought it might be a good time for an update.

I have been traveling since May now and so far everything has really worked out better then I expected. I traveled some ~5000km, stayed in 7 different countries and worked on a broad variety of projects including areas like webdesign, graphic design, exhibition design, photography, film production etc.

At the moment I'm in Norway where I probably will stay until the end of September but since I'm planing to continue doing this at least until sometime before Christmas I'm currently looking for new projects between October - December. So if you you have an interesting project going on and might need some help, feel free to send me a message. :)

So far Couchsurfing has been a great help on my trip, both for finding projects as well as for finding places to stay while traveling - thanks for that!