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the first request...
Posted May 7th, 2009 - 2:40 pm by from Wesel, Germany (Permalink)
Hi there,
i´m pretty new at this whole thing...came here by opportunity...no personal connection

but I like the idea of CS and now finished my thesis thats why i am ready to test how this whole thing works

i would like to know...what where ur first impressions of CS by the time you started? Difficulies ? Any hazards to ask for a couch?

what are ur experiences when getting started here?

thanks for helping me a newbie:

greetings from Heidelberg

Posted May 8th, 2009 - 1:40 pm by from Perth, Australia (Permalink)
Hi Arne,

When I first heard of CS, (I also heard of Hospitality club at exactly the same time) I was very open to the idea. I had just been surfing on friend's couches throughout eastern and central Europe and this came as a very logical and interesting extension of that.

Now I should admit there was quite a long time between joining up with CS and the first time I used it to surf on someones couch. But in that time I had been to numerous events with CS and was fully into the "vibe" by the time I hit my first couch (well it was an entire room with a double bed, but that would just be splitting hairs).

For me, there are no real hazards when asking for a couch. Sure there will normally be a high rejection ratio, but once you get over the fact that it is not normally a personal thing (everyone has their own lives to live) then it is all good. Just make sure that when you do start asking, you ask the right people for you.
If you want to go out dancing and drinking all night, maybe you should not be asking parents of a newborn.
If you want to have long meaningful discussions about everything, maybe you might want to avoid the clubbing set.

But the biggest piece of advice I could give is to start slow, build up to it. Attend a few meetings, find people in your own city first of all. Get their impressions and their advice and then just go for it.

Safe travels from Perth,