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The Great Brazillian Adventure!!! For a veggie Canucknucklehead!
Posted July 28th, 2011 - 3:35 am by from Vancouver, Canada (Permalink)

First off please dont be offended if you see this post in some of your other groups. I havent had any issues yet but its really important to me that everyone understands that im not trying to spam these groups but am instead trying to cast a large net hoping to reel in alot of new friends :) And by the positive response Ive recieved i feel really encouraged to keep posting it in groups that catch my eye. I hope you dont mind, please keep reading :)

My name is Courtlen, Im taking off on an adventure around Brazil. Inspired by my current host, I have decided to start hitchhiking around the northeast coast of Brazil. Because this will be a very difficult way to travel, and judge on distances time across- and due to the fact that im completely oblivious where to go and what to see i have decided to leave my trip entirely up to chance and fate.

Thats where Im hoping you will come in, great vegetarian CSers of Brazil. Especially you guys, its so nice to have that in common especially in a country were this idea feels so forgein. It would be great to spend time with people with the same values and taste in food haha!

Since all my experiances with Hosts have been so fulfilling and in most cases ended with a new strong friendship im hoping that I will be contacted from hosts, (through this post) and I will attempt to make each person a destination. So rather then spend my whole trip guessing where would be a great place to visit im hoping to be guided there and of course make a new friend/connection.

Id really like to clarify that this isnt intended to be a couch request...more of a request for direction.

That being said once i arrive i dont expect to be shown around the city, but i would like to spend a bit of time getting to know each of you.

Any period of stay is welcomed and appriciated and while im trying to stick to the coast im thrilled to bounce around inland and back out...

This country is so overwhelming big, its a bit intimated but so far meeting everyone has been so awesome im really really excited about this venture and i hope you will be to!

As well if anyone is planning to do anything and just wants company id be happy to join in at family events, concerts, festivals, dances, surfing, hiking adventures, road trips, camping, sailing, anything haha i have a real lust for life! Or even if someone is just feeling down and feels like talking with an optimistic canadian id be happy to provide some company! Or cook up some veggie friendly meals!

Unfortunately my profile isnt super full with information about me, i like to keep it that way so i have more to share in person (though you can even feel free to message me and learn more before even suggesting we meet)... but believe me when i say i have tons of stories, and am extremely relatable and good company.

So hopefully ill hear from you and soon well be laughing!
thanks so much for even reading the post, please dont hesitate to contact me if youre even slightly interested in hanging out

take care

your friend