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Nelson Rodriguez 
Bogotá VEGAN
Posted August 23rd, 2009 - 5:44 pm by Nelson Rodriguez from Bogota, Colombia (Permalink)
this a new group in couch surfing Bogota, you can find some vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city .. thanks.


manisha J
Posted February 4th, 2010 - 6:43 am by manisha J from Varkala, India (Permalink)

Well, i want to make this post about your experience while eating bad vegetarian food which you just could not bear but ate with a smile as the chef in that small restaurant prepared with so much love.
TELL ME ALL...YOUR EXPERIENCE, THE FUN YOU HAD EXPLAINING THE LOCALS WHAT IS VEGETARIANISM....and the questions which they still had at the end, and some amazing souls you met on your trip in south america.
come bring it on.

manisha J
no more vegetarian options in South America???
Posted March 10th, 2010 - 9:47 am by manisha J from Varkala, India (Permalink)
Guys, i have been off this branch for sometime and hmmmmm no one has anything to write?!?!?! People are still travelling s.america please please...post some favourite places you ate, some cheap and secret places where you would love to meet up other veggies... Where are most of you right now.

Like i mentioned before apart from food i miss south america.
Every other sunday i go to this bar in bombay,india to dance salsa. It is so exciting, i get a bit emotional whenever i think about my time in colombia but well at least i went there?

So, keep this branch alive it is all upto you ! wish you luck and safe travelling.

Amit Evron
Soy burgers in Santiago
Posted March 19th, 2010 - 11:41 pm by Amit Evron from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Permalink)
I wasn't exactly sure what to expected when I crossed the border from Argentina to Chile, but I was very happy (and surprised) to find people around the city selling vegan soy burgers out of large tupperware bins. The first time I saw this, right outside the Bellas Artes Metro station, I asked the guy several times if he was SURE it didn't contain any meat. After that, I ate at least one every day. One time the lady who sold me one asked me if I'd like some vegan potato mayonnaise. Awesome! Burgers cost 500 CLP, or about $1 USD.

Chile is also known for its excellent fruits. Head over to La Vega market in Santiago, about 5 blocks north of Plaza de Armas for a cultural experience and a huge selection of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and everything else for really cheap.

Amit Evron
Curitiba - A safe haven for vegetarians in Brazil
Posted February 2nd, 2010 - 4:37 pm by Amit Evron from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Permalink)
Being a vegetarian in Brazil can be tough, but Curitiba (about 6 hours south of Sao Paulo) is an exception. The city in general is very green and environmentally friendly, and they're proud of it. I met more vegetarian locals here than anywhere else in South America. I surfed in an apartment with 5 people living in it and only one was not vegetarian or vegan.

If you're there, check out Balarama, a restaurant in (or near) the old city. All you can eat vegetarian food for R$8 (about $5 USD). My hosts also took me to a hot dog stand on a street corner that served vegetarian and vegan dogs. Delicious! I don't remember exactly where it was though.

And I almost forgot to mention that every Saturday there is vegetarian street fair. Unfortunately I missed it while I was there. More info (in Portuguese):