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montañita and veg restaurant.
Posted January 9th, 2009 - 8:42 pm by from Varkala, India (Permalink)
i think i think tooo much coz when i reached montañita i was like ,no way ,i am not going to find a veg restaurant here. but as soon as i got of the bus, 2 mins later on my right hand side i see a place called, girasol. it looks like the guy is from hare ram hare krishna group as he wears the sandalwood necklace but i did not quetion him about his belief. after knowing that they were out of lunch, i asked him if he knew another veg place. and just like ,the next block there is this restaurant owned by a women ,as well as a girl? i did not ask them who owned it but it is just what i am guessing. she showed us the menu and they had pretty good stuff.i tried lasagna.it was alright. next day i went to girasol and had a great meal for around 3 $ but i found the owner and his wife pretty rude.(this is what happened: on new year's night, after taking a 1 hour bus trip from ayampe i really wanted to pee and i thought the owner knew me by now as i had had dinner there previous night ,so i just went near the toilet and asked the women if i could use the washroom,she was like,you barged in as if this was your house.you are really very rude.i felt ashamed and i walked out ,sheepishly.i don't know if it was my mistake or if she is just like that.whatever.)anyways, the next day we tried hola ola, a restaurant owned by an israeli guy. we had hummus, pita bread, and falafel.for 2 people ,9$. great.yummy. try it out.lot of options in montañita as it is a touristy beach town.