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Posted February 4th, 2010 - 6:43 am by from Varkala, India (Permalink)

Well, i want to make this post about your experience while eating bad vegetarian food which you just could not bear but ate with a smile as the chef in that small restaurant prepared with so much love.
TELL ME ALL...YOUR EXPERIENCE, THE FUN YOU HAD EXPLAINING THE LOCALS WHAT IS VEGETARIANISM....and the questions which they still had at the end, and some amazing souls you met on your trip in south america.
come bring it on.

Posted February 4th, 2010 - 7:02 am by from Belo Horizonte, Brazil (Permalink)
if you are coming to south america or any other country, and also you a are a vegan or vegetarian, the simplest thing to do is just to get ahead of your trip and contact some vegan / vegetarian in the country you are going to. thru couch surfing or any other website / forum you can find a lot of good vegetarian people to show you around, give you hints and et cetera.
so why keep asking about south america?! the way i see it's all a perspective point of living. im a brazilian and a vegetarian for 13 years. i lived 2 years in NY and besides all the vegetarian options NYC has to offer, i constantly found myself wishing i could eat some of my local / native (vegetarian) food. and i'm sure if i had the chance to meet more vegetarians in NY i would've never felt the need for south american food.
as a photographer i can say that everything is about where you looking at to take a good picture. there are infinite angles you can photograph the same subject.
so if you are looking to come over to south america or anywhere else, just make sure you taking the right picture. make contact with some locals before. its way much better than to keep asking non-locals who visited that place you are heading to, for hints. im sure they can help, but i better believe there's not a good or bad place to be a vegetarian.
everyday the number os vegetarians increase around the globe. try to find these people and have a safe fun trip. eating well all the time.

ps: south america is huge, so in brazil we have different kinds os meals using probably the same ingredients that any other south american has available. and this is also a difference in perspective. the same ingredients made in a total different way. i advise you all to try to talk to or hang out with some nice vegetarian locals. im sure they will know their ways to find good food.
myself, i like to eat simple; rice and beans are just fine for me. so no matter where i go, im sure simplicity is also a good thing to have in mind. because it's very true that not all the cities in the world have in mind that are vegetarians in the world and that they should have something vegetarian in their menus. it's up to you to find what best's fit you and not come down here or anywhere hoping they will have tons of vegetarian options for you. sometimes it won't happen. so it's up to you to be creative.

thank you!
[ forgive me for some bad english here :]