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Summer TV-show on couchsurfing
Posted April 24th, 2008 - 8:38 pm by PMGD from Antwerp, Belgium (Permalink)
Hi all,
as you might have heard, we recently had some talks with people of VRT (Belgian NJational Television) about their summer program "Duizend-zonnen en Garnalen". They contact me with an idea to do a weekly item on couchsurfing. Here is how they see it:

- 13 episodes (each week one)/ 4 minutes/week
- they would like to have 13 different hosts with a diverse profile (young, old, couple, single, different regions,... you got the drill)

Build-up of the episodes:
- focus on the meeting of the guest and the host. Different cultures, first contact etc.
- follow them on an activity they do together
- Maybe use the theme groups as a starting point (gay, vegetarians, Tai-shi,...).
- The guest going to bed/couch/...

They want to focus on the interaction and the differences between the cultures and the things that are alike. I've told the reporter she should join a meeting to have a better idea on the interactions etc.

I'm going to do some research on interesting profiles but some help is appreciated. So if you know some good people (besides yourself) who would like to co-operate on the program, let me know. I kind of said already that Lieke&Peter were definitly going to help out (they would love to have a family with kids who host... couldn't thing of more extreme then L, P & The Gang ;)) and some other great couchsurfers also joined in already too.

So, if you're interested and want to show Belgium how great couchsurfing is, let me or MartineK know and we'll get you in contact with the journalist. I know that they will not make you look like a freak (although we know you are, or at least I am one ;)). If you know some other interesting profiles, let me know too and I'll contact those people.

Hope to see you all on television (or one of the many meetings in Belgium)...





CS Belgium and waterbuffalo's
Posted September 4th, 2007 - 7:52 pm by PMGD from Antwerp, Belgium (Permalink)
As you all know, we're in the lucky part of the world where we're able to follow education until we are so old we try to forget our age. We're in a part of the world where most of use are able to travel around and do crazy things like surfing strangers couches all over the world. Couchsurfing is a way to provide people with opportunities like that but also trying to make the world a better place...
After seeing a small 7 minutes movie on YouTube (if the embedded thing doesn't work, you can find the link below) I realized again in what kind of privileged situation we here in Belgium are.

Somehow I -and I hope all the rest of you- want to share a part of that priveledge not only by providing people a place to sleep here in Belgium but by helping their own situation. If you have watched the little movie you'll understand where I'm heading to. So two little questions I want to ask the whole CSBelgium community:

a) What do you think about an idea like that?
b) Do you have some other great ideas to help people in places where help is needed (can be Belgium too of course, don't always have to look it at the other end of the world).

I believe it would be a great and honorable thing to do as CSBelgium, not only towards the people we would help but also setting an example for the rest of the CS-community (as far as projects like this aren't happening already...). So, give your ideas on what we can do; how we can do it and what would -in your eyes- be needed...

It's definitely an honor to serve you ;)


Sven Van Den Meerssche 
The Belgian CS Traveling Tour 2007 - Limburg
Posted June 25th, 2007 - 9:17 pm by Sven Van Den Meerssche from Brussels, Belgium (Permalink)
Hi all!

The CouchSurfing network keeps on growing. There are more and more meetings and there are more and more couches to stay on. But in Belgian Limburg the concept still needs a boost. This province isn’t as world famous as some other regions but this does not mean it is less worth a visit! This is what CouchSurfing really is about: show the world the beauty of your own area.

There are enough motivated surfers around here to form a network to make their limburgish couch visible on the global map. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s give it a big kick-off by organising the first CouchSurfing meeting in Limburg. A possible date is the first weekend of September. The location is still to be chosen by you! Hasselt? Genk? Tongeren? Beringen? Sint-Truiden? If you want to show us around in your town, let us know!

Please join the group ‘Limburg’ to discuss about the meeting and CS in Limburg.
GROUP LINK: http://www.couchsurfing.com/group.html?gid=3512
MEETING LINK: http://www.couchsurfing.com/meetings.html?mid=2805

Take care!

CS ambassador & limburger

Couchsurfing Pictures on Flickr
Posted September 18th, 2007 - 7:57 am by PMGD from Antwerp, Belgium (Permalink)
Hi All,

as you might or might not know, we have a little CS-Belgium Flickr page with about a 1500 pictures already. The link to the page is http://www.flickr.com/photos/csbelgium.

Now, it's cool to have this amazing collection of pictures but it would be even cooler if we can get it organised a bit. Most people are already doing a great job with creating seperate sets for each evenent and to group their pictures in it. What would be cool too is putting the pictures on the map so they get geotagged. This way we have a visual representation of images. Ofcourse you don't have to put it in the exact spot where you took the picture. General area (city) is certainly good enough. ;)

Also, you should check your favourite pictures in the groups (leave a comment or something like that). I need at least 12 top quality pictures for a little CS-calendar idea. If you want I can also already make a selection myself and let you pick 12 of them...

Okay, that was it for the moment... Other ideas on what to do with the pictures are always welcome. I'm thinking of making a CSBelgium 2007 book but I'll need some help with that too.

A newsletter is comming up soon too.


Stijn Vernaillen
Country Amb. Belgium

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