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The cheapest way to reach the city from Istanbuol airport!!
Posted February 23rd, 2011 - 12:25 pm by from Rome, Italy (Permalink)
Hey guyyysssssss hiiii!!!

How are u??

i m looking for the cheapest way to reach the city (istanbul) from the airport.

I m coming in Istanbul Alone the 1 of march...so just some days to organize my travel, and is the first time that i come in istanbul so i really don't know the city!!

can u help me!!


Posted March 4th, 2011 - 4:29 pm by from Istanbul, Turkey (Permalink)
If coming from the airport, first take the metro train to Aksaray. The metro costs 1.75 Lira. Ignore - I mean it, ignore - the people offering taxis and busses. Aksaray is the last metro/ train stop, so it is easy.

From the metro station, walk 200 metres to the tram ("tramvay" : you might have to ask someone "tramvay nerede ?" - food shop keepers can generally do a little English, or follow the signs.).
There are two tram stops near the Aksaray metro station. The main problem is: trams going which way?. When you get out of the Aksaray metro station, there will be a 6 lane road dissapearing into the distance one way, and a spagetti junction of overpasses & confusion infront of you. The 6 lane road goes OUT of the city, you want to go the other way.

The tram goes up a small hill, at the top of which is the Grand Bazar, access to some major mosques. It then goes down a slope to Sultanahmet, the heart of the old city, and the most expensive places to stay, probably. It is not out of the question to walk from Aksaray, follow the tram line.

You can stay on the tram, or get back on the tram after looking around, or walk down the hill, to where the tram goes over a brige over an inlet. It then stops at "karakoy" on the far side of the bridge.

Get off here and walk up the steep hill in front of you - past Galata tower - to a pedestrian boulevard. Wander along here and you can find some backpackers on side streets. At the other end of the pedestrian boulevard (called Istiklal Caddesi (Iss-tick-lal jad-easy)) is Taksim square.


If you want to go to the Asian side of Istabul, get off at "karakoy", as before, turn right to get down to the sea, and get on the big white boat/ship/ferry going to Kadakoy. (Note: Karakoy and Kadakoy). If you ever want to go to the other airport, you have to go to Kadakoy.

Posted May 21st, 2011 - 9:53 am by from Multan, Pakistan (Permalink)
i bet this information was helpful to the one who asked for it.. as it is for me .. i ll be landing on a couple of weeks to Istanbul and it ll be my first time too.. i hope to stay in contact with you bro incase i need any help on travelling around istanbul in particular and to other cities in general.. thanks in advance

Posted May 28th, 2011 - 1:33 pm by from Athens, Greece (Permalink)
usufull directions.. (!)

Posted May 28th, 2011 - 1:44 pm by from Istanbul, Turkey (Permalink)
or it might be a bit easier for the ones with heavy luggages or who doesnt wanna have difficulties on changing the tram.

After you take the metro from the airport, you get off the metro on "Zeytinburnu" metro station, which is also a tram station. so you dont have to walk, you just change the floor and take tram to the direction "kabatas"