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Psychology Internship: Help!!
Posted August 29th, 2013 - 1:09 am by from Florencia, Colombia (Permalink)
Hi! I am a Psychology student in Colombia, I'm currently on my 4th year,
and for my 5th and last year I have to do an internship related with
any psychological topic.

I've been searching extremely a lot for
it in any Nordic country, but sadly I haven't got any positive answer,
so I was wondering if someone knows about an internship, I would be
really grateful with your help.

As a Psychologist I am able to
work in different fields, such as hospitals, schools (ex. counselor),
companies (ex. HR) or in social topics (which is my favorite). And one
of the main reasons of why I chose a Nordic country is because my
boyfriend is from Sweden, and we don't want to be separate anymore, and
of course because I've been
there many times and I love the people, the atmosphere, the cities... everything.

by the way, it doesn't have to be a formal internship, I can be a
volunteer also, but not in randomly topics, just about Psychology (it's
required by my school, not me).

Thanks for your attention and help! Love and hugs from Colombia.

Posted August 29th, 2013 - 3:29 am by from Svendborg, Denmark (Permalink)
Hi Diana,
I was wondering if you have considered applying for something in the UK? I don't know is you speak Swedish because of your boyfriend, but if not, I imagine that one of the reasons you have a hard time finding an internship might be the language barrier. Even though most nordic people speak English, the naive languages is almost always used.
Your English seem fine, and actually is doesn't take a lot longer to go to Sweden from fx. London, than it does from Copenhagen (depending on where in Sweden Of cause), so maybe that could be a solution?
It's just a suggestion, and I really hope you find something :)

Best wishes - Ditte

Posted August 29th, 2013 - 3:35 pm by from Florencia, Colombia (Permalink)
Hi Ditte,

Thank you so much for your kindly answer. I will take in account your suggestion, but first we would like check all the possible options in Nordic countries, however, UK is a thousand times closer to Sweden than Colombia, hehehe.

Thanks again,
Diana! :)