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Sailing to Outer Banks! Wanna meet up?
Posted April 28th, 2012 - 11:38 pm by from Oakland, United States (Permalink)
Hi there! My name is Derek Wallace and I am currently on the Gulf side of Florida in a town called Punta Gorda. I've teamed up with a CouchSurfer named Larry Fucella who owns a 24-foot pilot cutter named "Speranza" (which is Italian for "hope")...


We're finalizing everything on the boat and loading her with provisions during this next week and setting off on May 10th. If we get a cold front we'll swing down through the Dry Tortugas and up around Florida heading to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If we don't get a cold front, we'll motor through Lake Okeechobee and come out at Jensen Beach/Stuart before swinging up to the Outer Banks.

While we're there, we'd love to meet up with any of y'all who are close by! Or if you or someone you know wants to sail with us, that could be cool as well! Or if you or someone you know has a sailboat and wanted to join us for some (or all) of our trip, that would be awesome too!

We're hoping the winds will be in our favor to go spend a day or two in New York harbor so we can have a big CouchSurfing potluck/bon voyage party before heading across the Atlantic to the Azores (which are islands off of Portugal). After we touch base on the European continent, we'll swing through Lisbon and curve down into the Mediterranean to explore. We have two inflatable kayaks on board, plus we'd look into renting bikes and taking public transport.

We won't be coming back until December at the earliest to give ourselves enough time to really immerse ourselves, not to mention letting hurricane season run its course. Our return trip would take us through the Caribbean and back to Florida. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? I thank my lucky stars every day for CouchSurfing, the internet and this incredible planet we all share!

Unfortunately we don't have room to bring a third person along for the whole trip, but what we're open to is letting people join us between destinations along the way. For example, maybe someone wants to meet us in the Outer Banks and sail up to New York City?

And yes, we would have to ask for some money from travelers to help cover the costs of any motoring we have to do, boat maintenance, docking fees, entry fees to countries, etc. While our goal is to get the Race2theGreen Project (that's what we're calling it) up to the level where we can offer scholarships so people can join us, we're not at that level yet so people will have to be able to cover their own expenses just like the two of us are doing.

Obviously a lot of this will depend upon the winds and the tides and customs and things like that, but we will be stopping into libraries and cyber cafes and the homes of CouchSurfers with internet as much as possible to keep people updated. Plus, we're looking into acquiring a satellite phone that lets us send/receive texts. What I'd love to do is connect that number to Facebook so that I can at least keep people updated with simple messages as much as possible (like I did for the canoe trip back in 2010) via Twitter...


I'm going to spend the next week leaving messages in groups like this and personally contacting CouchSurfers who own sailboats to see if they or anyone they recommend are interested in joining us. I'm still holding out hope to get a little armada going (so in this regard, it might be possible for people to make the crossing with us after all if one of those other boats has space on it for more crew). I'm also going to post in Findacrew.net, which is like the CouchSurfing of the boat world. Not to mention the boat world is very friendly so I'm sure we'll meet some people along the way who will join us for at least part of the trip. I have total faith it'll all work out.

Now, as far as helping out goes, we always need people to help us promote, spread the word, connect us with kindred spirits, help us find free stuff along the way, recommend sustainability destinations to visit on our route and all that jazz. I'm wanting to line up as much stuff as possible before we take off as internet will be extremely limited for a while. We're also going to set up a Kickstarter Project for R2G, and I've already put together a little video if you'd like to preview it...


I'm looking forward to hearing from and hopefully meeting as many of you as possible, and of course getting the Race2theGreen up to the point where we all get to go on amazing trips like the one Larry and I are about to embark upon! In the meantime, here are the links to all the social networking sites we have set up for R2G in addition to the Twitter feed I posted above...


Peace and health,

Derek Wallace
"organicreform" on Skype

Posted May 9th, 2012 - 2:27 pm by from Oakland, United States (Permalink)
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the trip has been canceled for this year. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up, but I'm sure when the time is right the Race2theGreen will finally happen.