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Search people with experience moving a multilingual kid (4) into a thrid country...
Posted May 24th, 2009 - 6:12 pm by from Witzenhausen, Germany (Permalink)
hello to all multinationals/famlilies moving a lot or everyone else with small kid

we are German-Norwegian family, living in Germany
we are speaking many language,
amongst each other we speak
Norwegian, German and English-
our son is now four and grows up with two languages spoken(German and Norwegian); he also listens to our English
(in between us parents sometimes necessary).

I strive to get a job in Norway or Germany. But maybe it is in a third country...........
Before I rejected one in Spain (I speak Spanish).
That was part because of our son already faces two nationalities and 2-3 languages- which he does very well.
He is 4 and a very clever and happy child.

For the future, we want to get some voices from allover the world, your experiences, from your childhood or your children- being bi national (multinational) and growing up in a third country, in a kinder garden which was non of your language...or just your kind opinion with respect to
our family.

Of course i´d like to give him roots before wings....

In theory I know the pros and cons but I´d like to hear the real voices.......a mothers heart wondering...

Thanks for sharing, mo, bjørn and birk

Posted May 25th, 2009 - 4:37 pm by from Alpharetta, United States (Permalink)
Hi, Monika,
We speak three languages with our child and she seems to do well with them, as does your son. Research shows that up to 5 years old, a child can easily pick up language and even the inflections (accent) of that language. Research also shows that children feel safer when they have a well established routine. Young children have very little control of what goes on in their lives. A routine adds predicability to their lives, letting them know what to expect. I think that kids are very adaptable and at his age he will be able to pick up the language fast. But from a routine perspective, he will experience stress from all the changes involved with relocating a family. You know your child well and ultimately, you know how to best comfort him in those situations.
Good luck!

Posted July 21st, 2009 - 7:10 pm by from Witzenhausen, Germany (Permalink)
Hello and thanks for your answer-

we are just back from Egypt and it is not yet decided if we go.

We agree on what you wrote, child adapt but it is pretty exciting.

So far good luck for your decisions,

Monika, Björn and Birk