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Looking for newspapers/website with BCN-news in english
Posted July 17th, 2011 - 4:32 pm by from Trondheim, Norway (Permalink)
I am looking for newspapers that cover Barcelona/Catalonia, and they should have an english version.

I know this one http://www.elpais.com/english/ ,
looking for more.

Posted July 18th, 2011 - 9:49 pm by from Girona, Spain (Permalink)
el pais is from madrid and they have a spanish view point about what happen in Catalonia normally very different from our point of view
before there was a catalan english newspaper Catalonia today but now doesn't exist any more

Posted July 19th, 2011 - 3:03 am by from New Delhi, India (Permalink)
Miguel, is there any Spanish language newspaper from Barcelona which rightly refelcts the Catalonian viewpoint?

Posted August 10th, 2012 - 6:40 am by from New Delhi, India (Permalink)
I heard that even Vanguardia is a conservative paper.
My Catalan is still basic so cannot very well read Catalan newspapers yet. But then in Castillian it'd be naive to expect to read Catalonian viewpoint.

Posted August 13th, 2012 - 1:59 am by from Castellon de la Plana, Spain (Permalink)
Hi, Ajay.
There're some digital news in Spanish that reflects a bit better the real situation in Catalonia, ie. the leftist "Publico"
But in Spain as in any other country there is a Stablishment Triangle Leading Parties-Media-Bank which control everything. “The new Military Strategy will be to regulate, control, and manipulate the media” (Alvin Toffier, 1928, US Scientific Essayist).
“There is no Jewish problem, just one of human nature. A government must combine the passions of the governed people, and since humans’ passion for hatred tends to be stronger than that of sympathy, a government has a duty to follow the malevolent whims of the governed and give them reason for that hate. It is better that people hate and kill the Jew than rebel against authority” (From a movie on Antisemitic pogroms in Russia).

There're some news censored even in Catalan Media (of course, also in the Spanish ones) and we've to read them in Englishspeaking Media (BBC, WP, NYT especially)
Ie: Valencian agricultural laborer dead after setting fire to himself cos of losing his job
(Some Californians News I think are paid by Spanish Gvt. to publish Anticatalan manipulated News. "The Guardian" is rather pro-Spain, while "The Washington Post" and "The New York Times" (the two News which started the "Watergate Case" against Nixon) are rather pro-Catalan)
Or when in March 11th, 2004, Al Qaeda bombed some trains in Madrid, Ultraconservative Spanish Gvt. and Spanish Media repeated that ETA (Basque Ultraleftist Independentist Guerrila) had done it, while all Media around the World were saying that it has been a work of Al Qaeda. A big part of Conservative voters who can't read English go on thinking that ETA was there (PP never forgives as much as never ask to be forgiven due to its numberless crazy lies).

But today you might access to some digital Catalan News that have an authomatical translation in English, but they are controlled by pro-Spanish Stablishment (La Vanguardia is pro-Bourbon, El Periódico is pro-PSOE, Spanish "socialdemocrats"...).
"El Punt-Avui", in Catalan, is maybe the ordinary Catalan Newspaper which explains better a Catalan point of view (though perhaps it's rather pro-CiU, the collaborationist Catalan Bourgoisie): http://www.elpuntavui.cat/
"Ara", also in Catalan, on the other hand, seems to be controlled by PSC-PSOE for playing subtly into "Devolutionist Catalan Society".

Some webs in English about Catalonia: http://www.it-intransit.eu/

It's important to refer you, as an Indian, that Ultranazionalist Spanish Media as COPE, Libertad Digital and others use to calumniate systematically Mahatma Gandhi for Spanish Stablishment fears Non-violent Fight of Catalonians and Basques, and need to sink Spanish public opinion on Non-Violence and Gandhi.
The current Spanish Gvt. has settled Non-violent activities to be considered as "Resistence to Authority" and hardly punished by police and Courts. In Spain has been settled a new Economic Fascist by Francoism's Heirs (PP) through Courts (totally controlled by Executive Power) and Gvt.'s Decrees.
This year three waves of hunger strikers (censored by Media) has been developped in Spain: Winter-Spring lots of Fathers for Shared Custody (lots of Fathers have lost the real access to meet their children after separation for a complicated corrupted system of pseudo-Gynocracy), one of these fathers remained almost 50 days without eating; and some Retired for Majorca for Catalan Language attacked by PP everywhere (one of these strikers remained almost 30 days in hunger strike). And now, since some weeks, lots of ETA's inmates are in hunger strike to ask Spanish Courts to dictate according their own Laws and realease dying inmates and return Basque prisoners to Basque country.
Spain is a "Banana Republic" ruled by "Tiranos Banderas" (Mr. Tyrann Flags). As always.
"In Spain the merit is not rewarded. Larcenies and the award is to be no embarrassment. In Spain everything bad is rewarded" (“Lights of Bohemia”, Ramón del Valle Inclán, Galician novelist, poet and satirist).
"In Spain, what is paid is not working, but the submission" (Pio Baroja, 1872-1956, Basque writer and doctor).
"The fact that liberty is not possible in Spain, is not an argument against liberty, it is an argument against Spain" (Josep Armengou, Catalan Catholic Priest).
“Spain, by its’ very nature, understands neither words nor reason. [Spain] only understands judicial sentences and executive actions (…)This makes it so that the essential similarities between Islamic fanaticism and Spanish nationalist fanaticism are enormous. The only difference is the form they take. The first utilizes violence, and the second utilizes its’ right to impose antidemocratic laws, but both impose subordination to their one god. The first call their god Allah, the second call their god Spain.” (Victor Alexandre, Catalan Journalist).