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Around the World in 80 Months & 10 Languages... ♫Próxima Estación♫: Japan! ツ
Posted September 13th, 2012 - 3:45 pm by from Beijing, China (Permalink)
Konnichiwa, hello, bonjour, привет, hola, olá, ciao, hallo!

I'm David, officially French (ohlala :p), supposedly with a Portuguese father, but now actually a citizen of the world :-)

I am undergoing a project of mine named "Around the World in 80 Months, & 10 Languages", during which I alternate times living somewhere & traveling around. I am now at month 43, planning to move to Japan mid-October. Thanks to my (working-holiday) visa, I can stay up to 1 year, and will for at least 9 months, I believe... probably first living in Tokyo, then in another city/town/village and finally travel around.

Japan will be the 12th country where I will live, and Japanese the 8th language in which I can communicate somehow (hopefully :p).

During the first half of my big adventure, I've sometimes rented a place, sometimes had long-term stays... for instance I already stayed 8 times for a full month with CouchSurfers, eventually helping them with languages, housework, kids, animals, plants... life ;-)

So, what's gonna happen this time in Japan? I'm waiting for YOU to tell me! ツ

The languages I could help you with:
- French: I am native in French, being born & having spent most of my life (still for now, that might change someday :p) in France. In addition to regular French I can help you with Verlan & "François" (high classs/ old French)... and even explain you the main differences with the French Canadian (I spent 3 weeks there) and the Belgian one (in France I was living 20 kilometers away from the border).
- English: I am fluent, for having spent some 6 months in the US, had an american girlfriend for almost a year and daily using English (as well I've learned business English, and worked at an international airport for some months).
- Spanish: I am quite an expert as well, having a year and a half in Spanish-speaking countries: 4 and a half in Spain, 1 in Cuba, 4 and a half in Mexico and 6 in Argentina (+ a week in Guatemala and another one in Chile).
- Portuguese: I have reached an intermediate level, after having learned intensively for a month (5 to 8 hours a day) and having spent 5 months in Portugal in 2010 (and as well I spent 10 days in Brazil).
- Italian: early 2011 I spent 4 months and a half in Italy (1 month living in Florence, 2 months in Rome, and touring the country for 5 weeks). I would say my level is intermediate too.
- German: I can NOT really help you, because... "mein Deutsch ist Scheisse: (;-D), but well, we could have fun trying to exchange a few words :p (I actually spent the 5 last months of 2011 between Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland & Germany & could share my knowledge of that culture).
- Russian: When arriving in Japan I will have spent 4 months and a half in Ukraine, 4 and a half in Russia, and 5 weeks between Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia & Moldova (ex-USSR countries).

I could as well eventually help with:
- kids (I did so in Florence with a boy and a girl, twins of 9.5 years old, and in Kiev with a boy of 2.5 years old);
- animals (I did so in Vienna with (sick) cats, and in St Petersburg with a dog);
- plants (I did so in Vienna too);
- housework (I did so in Lisbon);
- webdesign (I did so for different friends);
- business stuff (I have a master in business & worked in that too);
- budget traveling (I guess I've became an expert)...

I'm ready to discuss any offer... then it's just a matter of being HONEST from the very beginning and always, to know what we both expect to give and receive, and therefore enjoy the experience!

Alors, quand est-ce qu'on se voit ? ◕‿◕
So, when do we meet? ◕‿◕
¿Pues, cuándo es que nos vemos? ◕‿◕
Pois, quando vamos nos encontrar? ◕‿◕
Poi, quando ci vediamo? ◕‿◕
Also, wenn wir uns treffen? ◕‿◕
Так, когда мы встретимся? ◕‿◕

Domo arigato, thank you, merci, gracias, obrigado, grazie, danke, спасибо,

David ツ