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Caspar Bauermann 
FYI: Official announcment by CS about the Commercial Use of Couchsurfing
Posted February 23rd, 2009 - 1:02 pm by Caspar Bauermann from Berlin, Germany (Permalink)

Hi CouchSurfers,

we have a quick reminder about appropriate use of our website. In regards to the Commercial Use of the website.

Our network helps to connect people worldwide, and we encourage the exchange of information. However, using our service to promote commercial interests is strictly prohibited, as is made clear in our Terms of Use.

"Commercial use" appears most often in the form of people soliciting members with products or services for profit. Emails through our system as well as posts in groups such as this one are both parts of our website and therefore are not appropriate places to sell anything. Some examples of commercial use are the advertising of services such as tours and trips, cheap plane tickets, or that dream job that seems too good to be true. Considering that we are unable to verify the intentions of members, we strongly recommend against engaging in commercial activity on CS.

CouchSurfing is a website that promotes free exchanges between people. Any transaction between members is entirely at your discretion. It's not different than "the real world", and frauds or "scams" can occur. We do not recommend to engage in any financial transactions with people you do not know.

If you believe that you have received an email message from a member that is intended for commercial use, please mark that message as spam so that our team becomes aware of it. If you believe that a group posting is intended for commercial use, please contact the moderators who may send the Help Desk Team a link to the group post for review.



Thank you for you time and kind attention to this.

Best Regards

Ambassador Management Coordinator

Ulf Kleinings
Are German guys circumsized?
Posted March 21st, 2009 - 3:13 pm by Ulf Kleinings from Cologne, Germany (Permalink)

Could somebody please add this to the Germany Wiki (don't know shit about editing Wiki myself...) - so that travellers coming to Germany won't be surprised...

Maat et joot! / Take care!


Posted February 17th, 2013 - 8:35 am by LeopoldR from Bamberg, Germany (Permalink)
Please do NOT post a couch request in this conversation. Couch requests written below will likely be flagged (and deleted) and you are very unlikely to ever find a host that way.

To make a couch request, please use the SURF button above, then search for a person you think is a good match for you, make sure you read their profile, and then send them a personal request. You are more likely to get a positive response if you have a complete profile and if you write a personalised request.

If you can't find the SURF button, then you can search for a couch here: http://www.couchsurfing.org/search/in/map/53.7996,15.2746,47.0988,5.16721,5/mode/H/hosting/1/order_by/last_login

You also have the option to post an "open couch request" (OCR) that will allow potential hosts to find you and offer you a place to stay. If you get an offer, for your safety and enjoyment please make sure you read the host's profile and make sure you are comfortable with the situation.

Open couch request: