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Quan caigui la Sagrada Família
Posted October 28th, 2009 - 1:49 am by from Castellon de la Plana, Spain (Permalink)
Quan caigui la Sagrada Família


Automatical Translation:

"The spirit of dictatorship and soaked selfhated of PSC prevents it from ignoring the threat of collapse"
Victor Alexander

When falls the Holy family, everybody goes wash their hands. When falls the Sagrada Familia, the media will talk with sarcastically. When the Holy Family fall, many Spaniards felt an inconfessed joy. When falls the Sagrada Familia, Spain is the world's moke. Hopefully this does not happen naturally but you can not deny that huge efforts are being made to achieve it. Spanish Ministry of Public Works do, the Government of Barcelona City Council, imposing the HST to 75 centimeters over the temple, and technicians are responsible for the layout and business entrusted to run it. And now, finally it enough, it was discovered that in addition to the nonsense that is this project, the company has decided Adif broken even forecasting an informative study. Based on this study, the pylons had to be at a distance of 1, 95 feet from the facade of Glory, the Mallorca street, but the Adif is located just 1.12 meters. Moreover, the architects of the temple said that the protection of steel that was to have each follicle to prevent the spreading of concrete underground applies only one-third of each follicle.

The Catalans should be aware of the gigantic attack the Socialist Party, in collusion with ICV, is carrying out against this heritage of humanity which is the Sagrada Familia. Because the threat of collapse of the temple does not come solely from the matusseria own banana republic with running the works, but the project itself, since, as has been reported Jordi Bonet, the architect responsible for the works Sagrada Familia, and the study by Oriol Riba, Emeritus Professor of Geology at the University of Barcelona and a specialist in the subsoil and the water under the city, and Charles Buxadé Josep Gómez Serrano, chair of structures, illegal ' engineer Antonio Gens, the "protective shield" is nothing more than "a damper deformations without stability itself." Moreover, the tunnel is expected to be less than a meter and a half under the foundations of the Holy Family. This is equivalent to leaving these air bases, almost as if volessin. But the danger is even greater if one considers that under the temple and pass two tubes, as denouncing the study said, "rapid and aggressive in the subsoil as that exerted during 28 months Construction of the tunnel could generate-definite consequences. "

The Socialist Party, however, not ignoring. The spirit of dictatorship and soaked autoodi Catalonia which governs this game prevents it. So you slide the studies, • the allegations, allegations il'oposició one hundred professors of architecture and engineering universities around the world against the atrocity being committed, and therefore also indifferent to the study shows that warns of the danger that "the gap caused by the gallery stresses the pressure exerted by the bell, which could move the sands on which stand and could have disastrous consequences," since "anything that happens inside the tunnel could lead to breaks, haul water, causing a movement of sand and the structure of the temple collapsed. "

And why the Socialist Party is continuing with this path, instead of opting for the route along the coast or the hallway of Valles? Because the TGV can pass below the Holy Family is not a technical decision, a decision that responds to political and economic interests. This means that only we can stop this atrocity. We ... and any political party, besides that defends the national interests of Catalonia, has wanted to prove it.

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My grandfa worked for Gaudí at Parc Güell and I remember he said Gaudí was a Mystic. Indeed Gaudí was a fervorous Christian
He said some "christian sentences" as well as these ones:
"Al Cel tots serem Orfeonistes" (Antoni Gaudí en una dedicatòria a l'Orfeó Català).
“Els assumptes religiosos requereixen l'ús de tots els mitjans en el seu grau més alt. El temple ha d'inspirar el sentiment de la Divinitat amb les seves infinites qualitats i els seus infinits atributs” (Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, 1852-1926, parlant del Temple de la Sagrada Família).

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Article a El Singular Digital: La Sagrada Família, comença el perill (The "Sagrada Família" threatened, is starting the most dangereous period due to TGV)

El perill de debò comença ara, perquè allò que amenaça el Temple no és la tuneladora sinó l'obra en el seu conjunt i el pas posterior del TGV.
[ Més...: http://www.elsingulardigital.cat/cat/notices/2010/11/la_sagrada_familia_comenca_el_perill_59268.php ]

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La Sagrada Família, referent universal de Catalunya


Posted September 26th, 2013 - 2:35 pm by from Castellon de la Plana, Spain (Permalink)
Vid: "How the Sagrada Familia is going to be ended?":