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CS Siwa Trip - Aug 2012
Posted August 14th, 2012 - 6:44 am by from Alexandria, Egypt (Permalink)
Dear Everybody living or visiting Egypt,

Most of you know that I have organized more than 10 CS Trips to Siwa and I cant stay much without going there so this will be my FIRST trip to Siwa After marriage

I am going to Siwa Oasis to relax and enjoy the weather there just for the weekend 31-1st Aug/Sep 2012.

What is Siwa Oasis?
Get more info about Siwa Oasis here :

Where is it located?
Its 8 hours by bus from Alexandria
10 to 12 hours by bus from Cairo

How many days are we going to stay?
2 days

When are we going to travel ?
Thursday 30th of August 2012 night

When are we going to be back in Cairo or Alexandria ?
Early Sunday morning 2nd of September 2012

What will we do there?
We will arrive early morning of Friday 31st August 2012 we will have breakfast and a small tour to Shali to see the sunrise if we arrive early if not we will see shali anytime during the trip

At around 11 Am we will start the Safari tour by 4*4 cars during the safari we will have a light lunch.
We will stay over night in a camp in the desert and have dinner there we will return back on Saturday morning to start our tour in the Oasis and explore it by bicycle or donkey carriages or bus
we will go to :
1-Mountain of the dead -- Entrance : 25le Adult non Egyptian , 15le non Egyptian Student)
2- Alexander temple (Oracle temple) Entrance : 25le Adult non Egyptian , 15le non Egyptian Student)
3- Amoun Temple & Cleopatra path (you can swim there) – No entrance fees we will have lunch at Cleopatra path
4-After that we will go back to the down town ,Free time you can do shopping or exploring the downtown at around 4:30 we will go to Fatnas Island for the sunset
5- After Fatnas island we will go back to Siwa for preparing our stuff and catching the bus.

If you want to stay one more night or one more day no problem i can advise you about cheap hotels :)

What should you get with you ?
0-YOUR PASSPORT or ID for Egyptians [ important for the check points on the road and the desert permission
1-Swimming Suit
2-something for the mosquitoes in case there is mosquitoes (there is one sold in pharmcies called off or anything like that)
3-If you are so white so you better get your tanning lotion
4-Towels to dry yourself after swimming
5-Any games you think we can play there
6-Good clothes for the night as it will be cold also the bus will be cold

Cost of the trip ?

Total cost of the trip once we arrive to the Oasis is 420LE including:

*Breakfast , light lunch , dinner for the first day & breakfast , Lunch for the second day

*Safari trip

*Sleeping in the camp (u dont need to get ur sleeping bag or anything but if u want ot get yours no problem)

*All Transportation inside the Oasis

Cost Excludes:

*5.5le for Egyptians & 40 le for Foreigners which is the permission fees to enter the desert.

*Entrance fees for mountain of the dead & oracle temple

*Drinks are not included in the meals

Cost of the bus from Alexandria :37le one way the way back the bus costs 45 le

Cost of the bus from Cairo :70le one way

On Thursday 30th August 2012:

*We will take the bus to Siwa :

From Alexandria bus leaves at 10PM
From Cairo bus leaves at around 7PM

On Saturday 1st September 2012:

We will leave by the bus from Siwa TO :
Cairo bus leaves at 8PM it reaches cairo around 7 to 8 AM on Sunday 2nd September 2012

Alexandria bus leaves at 10PM it reaches Alexandria by 5am Sunday morning 2nd September 2012

Please try to have your final confirmation on 25th August 2012 at the most as to get a good place In the bus.

My advice for people from Cairo is to come to Alexandria before 10PM on Thursday like to take the 6PM train and then we all leave from Alexandria

For more information or Confirmation please call or sms me on 012000 88553
email: capisco@gmail.com

Please note that your confirmation means that you are really coming because I base everything on your confirmation (buy bus tickets arrange the everything in Siwa)

Karim Kassem

FROM: August 30th, 2012 - 18:00
TO: September 2nd, 2012 - 7:00

LINK: http://www.couchsurfing.org/meetings.html?mid=171933

LOCATION: Egypt - Matruh - Siwa
ADDRESS: Bus Station

Posted August 21st, 2012 - 9:20 am by from Giza, Egypt (Permalink)
i am interresed in siwa but not that date,so can you tell be about good hotel in siwa,i know about taziri or ga3ar as the call it in siwa bout want to go to another good place there for 2 days
thank you

Posted August 21st, 2012 - 10:58 am by from Alexandria, Egypt (Permalink)
I like dream lodge and Paradise , but dream lodge have new rooms and they are just great
But you shouldnt miss the safari :)

Karim Kassem

Posted August 22nd, 2012 - 9:12 pm by from Giza, Egypt (Permalink)
where should i go making a safari???do you have the phone number of dream lodge??phone of safari driver??
thank you