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Hosts & eating tips for RUSSIA in August
Posted June 27th, 2012 - 9:21 pm by from Turku, Finland (Permalink)
Hi there! I'm a Finnish student of Russian language and culture planning hir month of language training in Russia in August. I'm seeking hosts! My plan is to start from St.Petersburg on the 2nd of August, go all the way to Irkutsk/Baikal and then travel back, maybe see the Black Sea and end up in Moscow from where I would have a trin back to Finland on the 30/31.8.

As I'm travelling alone and kinda little money, I'm looking for hosts! If you/ your friend live somewhere along the following route and are willing to host a Finn, please send me a message! :) Another thing that I need to solve is WHERE TO EAT - so if you know places to eat vegan food etc. in the cities/areas mentioned later, please let me know!

I've planned my route to go trough cities because I don't know Russia too well (been to Piter four times when I was in high school and that's pretty much that) BUT if you/your friend live somewhere near the route in the rural area or some other town, I'm pleased to visit as I'd love to see also other places than cities. PLUS if you know some awesome events etc. taking place in August or you've got a hobby that you could show me or whatever comes to your mind, send mail! I'm also willing to sleep in squats if you happen to live in one.
So my route (travel days):
2.8 Helsinki -> St.Petersburg
5.8 St.Petersburg -> Novgorod
8.8 Novgorod -> Jekaterinburg
11.8 Jekaterinburg -> Novosibirsk
14.8 Novosibirsk -> Irkutsk
18.8 Irkutsk -> Omsk
21.8 Omsk -> Samara
23.8 Samara -> Krasnodar
26.8 Krasnodar ->Moscow
30/31.8 Moscow -> Helsinki (Finland)

This is kind of a killer plan with two days time to be in each place; just a frame into which I can now start to plan events to attend etc. For instance, if you know someone in ALTAI region, let me know - we don't have such mountains in this country!

Thanks for all the help! :)


Posted July 2nd, 2012 - 11:50 am by from Jerusalem, Israel (Permalink)
wow what's the plan!

I won't happen to be in Moscow, when are you planning to come, so I can just advice you places to eat (even though, Moscow is the least worst place for a vegetarian/vegan in Russia, probably).
Anyway, a good and not expensive vegetarian place in the center is called Jaganath http://jagannath.ru/ Sounds like Indian, but actually they have european vegetarian/vegan food as well. It is also located in a nice area - just 7-10 mins walking from the Red Square.
Another good money-saving option can be Грабли http://grably.ru/ I assume you understand some Russian, because the site in available only in it. They have cafes all around the city center- if you have troubles with the web site, let me know - I can copy you the addresses.
They offer typical Russian food, which has lots of meat, but there are always good vegetarian/vegan options.

Good luck with that!


Posted July 3rd, 2012 - 5:49 am from Moscow, Russia
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Posted July 9th, 2012 - 11:41 pm by from Bern, Switzerland (Permalink)
You could visit Moscow's first vegan restaurant Loving Hut, I hear good things about them (http://www.lovinghut.ru/)
Jagannath is also cool but not exculsively vegan, as well as Cafe SOK where you can also get raw foods (http://cafe-cok.ru/).

Cool plan by the way, I hope it works out!

Posted July 10th, 2012 - 11:09 am by from Ko Phangan, Thailand (Permalink)
A few months ago in Novosibirsk has opened a vegetarian cafe "OM".
There are other cafes, but they are vegetarian half.
If you're going in Novosibirsk, write to me.