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Vegetarian in Morocco
Posted November 27th, 2012 - 2:20 pm from Potsdam, Germany
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Posted November 28th, 2012 - 11:36 am by from Utrecht, Netherlands (Permalink)
Hi Nina,

I had a very mixed experience in Morocco, from one place where they cooked a vegetarian tajine especially for me when we arrived to eat, to a place where I was very clearly given a chicken tajine that they´d just taken the chicken out of. When we commented on this, they just said ´Pas de probleme´ - no problem.

I don't think there's ever any malice in it: vegetarianism is rare there and many people don't understand it or don't know what it means exactly. It's quite possible the people with the chicken tajine thought they were genuinely serving me a vegetarian meal.

I don't know the Arabic, but in French I would say: "Je suis vegetarienne. Je ne mange pas de la viande, du poulet ou du poisson." - I am vegetarian. I don't eat meat, chicken or fish - just to be very clear about what 'vegetarian' means. Almost everyone we met spoke some french, and in the north of the country spanish, too.

It's possible veggie tajine and couscous are sometimes prepared with meat or bones - it didn't taste like that to me, but you can never be 100% sure. You could ask: "Ce repas n'est pas preparé avec de la viande, poulet ou poisson?" (This meal wasn't prepared with meat, chicken or fish?). The soup harira can be veggie, but always ask as it does often contain meat. In larger cities you will also find Italian and other cuisines, though of course it's nicer to eat the local food.

For our breakfasts and lunches, we always just got fresh bread (khobz, pronouced choubs, ch = german ch sound), avocados, lemon and olive oil (we bought a half liter bottle on arrival and carried it around with us - do this, they have DELICIOUS olive oil - and of course taste before buying to make sure you get one you like), with fruit and olives.

Finding truly vegetarian food isn't always easy, but other than that it's an absolutely wonderful country, I'm sure you'll have a great time there!